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RE: Crypto Academy// Week 3 //Homework Post for [ @sapwood ] ///types of Blockchain wallets, the difference between an exchange wallet and a decentralized crypto wallet, Web 3.0 wallet, etc. by @sammylinks

Thank you for attending the lecture in Steemit-Crypto-Academy & doing the homework task-3.

But from my observation over the years and coupled with my low trading volumes, Software wallet especially that of desktop software crypto wallets could be the best cryptocurrency wallet for me.

Yes, it depends on your priority and requirement.

If security is the predominent criteria for you and you are whale/orcas, then Hardware wallet is the best option.

If you deal with less amount of crypto, a hardware wallet may not be economical. Further from usability point of view, software wallets are convenient and easy for the general users.

There is an existence of friendly interaction with the dApps like JustLend, JustSwap of Tron Family using TronLink wallet. Just like other web 3.0 wallet is powered by smart contracts.

That's correct, you can interact with such dApps powered by Smartcontract. You should have had included (or give an example) how you interact with a dApp like JustLend, JustSwap or any other dApp to elicit your web 3.0 wallet user expereince.

Thank you.

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Homework Task -3


Thanks you Sir... I'm also grateful for all the feedback

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