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RE: Crypto Academy Trading Competition - S6W1 | Team Crypto-Empires

It is literally a very good idea to showcase our knowledge that we have gained through various lectures of Crypto Academy.

Professor I want to ask something, Do we have to trade only one pair or we can trade different Crypto assets and In this case, what we have to write in the title trading pair?

Like suppose, I trade 5 different crypto pairs and I'll make 5 different post related to all these 5 trades which I have made, then Is this right?


Here you are totally free to Trade every day and post every day using any currency pair.

You can make one post per day, up to a maximum of 5 posts for the week.

Sungguh pemberitahuan yang sangat berguna bagi para pengguna steemit, khusus yang begitu aktif dalam platfrom ini, saya sangat mengharapkan komentar dari anda yang merupakan sebuah kehormatan bagi saya dapat berinteraksi dengan anda walau tidak secara langsung, tetapi saya sangat mengharapkan komentar dari anda agar saya dapat termotivasi untuk terus berkarya lebih bagus lagi di dalam platform steemit ini.
Hormat saya untuk anda 😇

 2 years ago 

This means some of us are out for this week's competition, since there there are less than 5 days from now 😐
A maximum of two posts per day with a total of 5 posts for the week would have been helpful. My suggestion.

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