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RE: Crypto Academy Contest / S4W3 - Understanding Blockchain Technology In Business And Finance by @beckie96830

Hi @beckie96830

This is one of the topics that people are most passionate about in modern times "Blockchain technology in business and finance", no doubt that we will have in the future a greater adoption of Bitcoin as the main cryptocurrency by market capitalization, and other cryptocurrencies that will completely change the traditional financial system model. Do you agree?

Upvote on the way.



Tye new wave of change in the finance ecosystem is coming. Thanks for the upvote!

Hi @beckie96830 well in that we agree no doubt we are close to important financial changes, may you end up having a nice and happy weekend.

Good morning @beckie96830

It is me again :)

Have you seen recent announcement by Steemitblog related to new way of distributing TRX tokens to Steemit users? ( you can check it out here ).
I figured that you may have not seen this post and it's worth to be aware of implemented changed.

Check it out and I'm curious on what do you think about it? based on other people suggestion, it may be best to set up 100% power up on all your posts published on Steemit.

Is there any way to get in touch with you? Perhaps you could join our project.hope discord server ( and I would gladly reach out to you.

cheers, Piotr

It is me again :)

I hope you don't mind if I take some of your time and attention @beckie96830

Our community founder posted lately an interesting topic, which turned into quite a solid discussion
Idea is to create "pockets of demand" for STEEM token, which hopefully would result with higher buying pressure and reflect on price of the token.

Consider checking it out, resteeming and sharing your own thoughts:

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