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When it comes to the Defi space new institution and facilities are coming up every day. Unreal is one of those institutions that pictures the future of Defi (Decentralized finance) and is ultimately utilizing it. Unreal aims to bring an outstanding impact to the decentralized lending ecosystem and also aims to pitch an equal platform in the market by providing more facilities into decentralized lending

What's Unreal Finance?
From the introduction, you sure have an idea of what unreal finance is.
Unreal finance is described by its team as a

Yield futures platform that allows users to tokenize their future yields by smart contract interactions
It's to create room for borrowers to save their interest rate, make predictions, and trade interest rates across various platforms.

Features Of Unreal Finance

Unreal finance possess certain features that it unique and powerful when compared to other blockchain projects

Margin trading enabled; Users can utilize the future yields instantly after signing up

Fixed Interest Rate; gives users a percentage of interest on their deposits

Yield trading

Interest rate swap

Governance; Protocols are being governed by token users

Yield Insurance

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