[Beginner Course] Steemit Crypto Academy Season 3 Week 7 | Decentralized Apps (DApps) - Future Apps From Blockchain System

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Good day steemians trust our day was good I will be writing my assignment on Decentralized Apps (DApps) - Future Apps From Blockchain System,which was lectured by @wahyunahrul and the lecture was very good.


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1). Will DApps be able to replace centralized applications in other fields in the future?

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With they way the world is going and with the rapid growth in technology my answer will be YES because decentralized application(DApps) is more preferred in all ways than centralized application though DApps has some little few disadvantages but the merit are far more than the demerits.
Now so many blockchain are switching to decentralized application because its more secured and when users of DApps can be rest assured that their funds are safe and their transactions are well stored and secured users will always want to invest more funds on such decentralized application and by so doing the DApp will be growing and all the users be in profit.
Decentralized application are connected to thousands of node in which users have full privacy to their accounts and all transactions made unlike centralized application where it is control by one source and that source could be fault at any point in time.
Now decentralized application are now used by government, private firms,health sector e.t.c to improve they way they store data in which everyone can have access to it, health sector used decentralized application to store patient medications and diagnosis data for years and it will be accessible to any medical practional that wants to work on such patient. We have so many ways in which decentralized application will be more preferred than centralized application in the nearest future because of the amazing features that it has.

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2). Is there a possibility for DApps to steal user data?

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Decentralized application can't steal user data due to that fact that all data stored on a decentralized application are visible to everyone, Every user have their privacy there's no one that can manipulate Anything on like centralized application where its control from one source in which data are not too safe, anyone can find his way into the centralized application and do away with vital informations of users which can lead to scamming or lost of fund. In decentralized application transaction data's are visible to the owner of the the account so if there's any intruder such a person can be easily tracked or traced.
**decentralized system is a system with open source that can not be closed in any way and this makes it so unique and data can't be stolen on by a DApp and when decentralized application is attached to a blockchain which makes it more secured in such a way that data can't be stolen and since data are stored it has no reason to disappear.

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3.Explain the ways in which a DApp promotes its application to the public?

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  • peer to peer :decentralized application support transactions between two parties without any intermiary we refer to as peer to peer which make transactions very easy and fast for user's of DApp in such a way that any user that wants to sell or buy any coin,the system has been built in such a way that there are always people to peer with for transaction, with this DApps are promotion their self to the public.

  • Through DAppradar :DAppradar is a website where we can find so many decentralized applications,here we can view every information about the decentralized applications to know how they work and their benefits, though all decentralized application are similar. Through the DAppradar websites they are also promoting DApps to the public.

  • Through social media and blogs :on social media any new or recent DApps can be promoted by making Ads to let the public know how DApps works and to know the functions, characteristics and benefit's of a decentralized application

  • By doing initial Dex offering
    This is done on a new DApp project to raise fund for the project and by doing so investor will want to invest on it and it will get known to the public very fast.

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4). Choose a DApp and do a detailed analysis that proves that the DApp is a good one to use. (Provide proof with screenshot).

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I will be choosing STEEMIT DAPP because I love steemit DApps so much not because am currently using steemit but the only DApp that helps people to learn and curate them at the same time and I have gained so much from steemit DApps. Thanks to the developers



steemit is a decentralized application under the steem blockchain where users gains a lot,here all transactions are visible to everyone and all accounts are visible and well secured from intruders.
In steemitusers create content(quality content) for the benefits of everyone in the community to benefit from and author of contents gets through curations and both the curators and the authors benefits from this curations and we have different types of community in which users can participate in different types of activities to gain more knowledge and gain curations


Here is the front page of steemit where we have different post from different communities .
Below we will be showing the diverse types of community on steemit .

Screenshot_20210809-193721_1.png Source
Steemit also have some amazing features whiv will be showed below and one of the is the Notification icon.


  • NOTIFICATION when user click one the notification button its easy for them to access their notification and even trace back notification sent a long time ago for reference purpose.


  • WALLETS in steemit no wallet is hidden, all wallets are visible to everyone and all transactions are sent to the wallet and transactions that has been sent for a long time can still be traced, due to the fact that its visible to everyone and no fraudulent act can be done on another persons account because everyone has their personal key to their account.


  • SETTINGS in steemit user have their privacy , they can edit or add to their profile anytime since every user controls their account by their self ,that's one of the beauty of decentralized application it gives users all the freedom.

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5). If you were a DApps developer, what kind of app would you like to create? Explain all the details of the DApp plan that you will make.

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If I have the opportunity to become a developer today, I will make a gaming DApp And an entertainment DApp.
I will attach the gaming DApp with a Blockchain where users will earn cryptocurrency through playing games.
The reason for this is because so many people play games in the world both old and the young because people wants to forget their sorrow temporary,people wants to catch fun and by so doing any crypto attached to this gaming DApp will grow so fast ,more investors will invest more on the DApp and this will make it known to the world very faster.

Entertainment DApp what I mean by entertainment DApp will be a DApp where users will be able to live stream download new videos and music,everybody in the word wants to ease their stress by catch fun one way or the other when people download any music in the DApp the means of payment for the music or video downloaded will be a cryptocurrency and in no time such cryptocurrency will start growing so fast and user,investors and holder of the coin will be happy to the development

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Finally, a decentralized system is what the world is moving to now, more cryptocurrencies are migrating from Centralized to decentralized application because decentralized systems has a lot to offer the crypto world, decentralized applications gives more opportunity to users and everyone has maximum control over of their account, in DApps users can do transaction any time and all transactions are well stored and kept secure . Decentralized applications is highly secured,no intruder can can have access to any vital information of anyone onlike centralized DApp that can be hacked any time.
Where the world is going to decentralized applications will be used in almost all the sector of the world,some developed country are already using it for collations of data's of workers thier monthly payments not wages things look so real and transparent.
Some country use decentralized applications for election in which everyone is seeing how the election is going no contestant is feeling cheated because everyone can have access to the result and with winner will be clear to everyone.


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