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I am thankful to my professor @stream4u who has delivered an outstanding lecture to us. The main aim is to practically learn and understand all dynamics of Crypto trade and explore new horizons in this field. I believe that if we truly devote our passion and interest in learning crypto trade, undoubtedly future is bright for us.

Crypto Margin Trading

Crypto Margin Trading refers to take money as loan from an exchange and increase it from 3x to 10x or even 100x. For example; I have $500. I take loan of 10x from an exchange, I will get $5000 more. Now this $5000 and my $500, I can trade as $5500. I will return $5000 back and interest rate on this loan to the exchange whom I have taken money. So, it allows me to acquire big profits if I make our investments wisely. Here we need to understand most important thing that more we go up like we tend to increase up to 100x, the more we shall be good at forecast and analysis.

How to Plan for Trading in Crypto Margin Trading

Before staring Crypto Margin Trade, I would recommend that we should gather all relevant information regarding market trends, exchange platform and what number of eggs are in my basket. After gathering this information, I should do a complete analysis, in simpler words market study. Because executing margin trading without an analysis is like jumping into an ocean without knowing its depth. So I have some important points that I believe one must follow before Crypto Margin Trading:

  • Proper risk management before making investment.
  • Control emotions because many people try to earn back all at once soon after they have lost.
  • Trade with open mind, crypto market is a home of miracles. Just be wise.
  • Don’t overtrade, take small steps better than jumps.
  • Go with flow and market trends.
  • Make a complete analysis of market and exchange that is giving you loan.
  • Be active listener of crypto market news.
  • Never put your everything at stake all at once.
  • Keep your additional funds at a side for another trade.

Crypto Exchanges Name that Provide Margin Trading Service and what Margin they provide?

I would like to mention here 5 Crypto Exchanges that provide margin trading service.



Leveraged Token Trading

Leveraged token trading is referred to trade ERC20 tokens by leveraged experience. This trading is without any care of the requirements, liquidation risk, management or margins. This trading involves variable or fixed leverage. Leveraged tokens are not meant to hold them. They should be bought or sold as they aren’t designed to be hold.

|How to Plan for Trading in Leveraged Tokens

As I have discussed above, market analysis should be a top priority for any trader. Without a market analysis, we shouldn’t even trade $1. So I would like to share some points for trading in leveraged tokens:

  • Do a complete analysis because these are high risk products.
  • Don’t hold them long term, do buying and selling as these tokens are rebalanced on daily basis.
  • Investigate leverage token transparency.
  • Take advantage of market volatility.
  • Sell your tokens when you see that market is low, it avoids liquidation risk.
  • Know when to step in and when to step out.

Crypto Exchanges Name that Provide Leverage token service and what Margin they provide in leveraged tokens?

Here I shall provide 5 names that offer leverage token services and their margins:

Binance1.25x - 4x
pionex2.2x - 4.8x


Price Forecast for Crypto assets

As we had been asked earlier to do a price forecast for crypto assets, now again I shall do price forecast so that I can learn more. Here you can see 1 week chart and price trends:

screen taken from binance

I am forecasting here for BTC/BUSD. Last week it is observed that market has recovered from a downfall at $49,129 and now tending to go up yet ambiguous. It has reached to $55, 839 BUSD. I can see that market trends are bearish. I recommend to buy here because I predict market to come down to $52000 by next week. So we can take big profits from buying at low prices and selling them at higher.


I have really enjoyed this lecture of my professor @stream4u because it feels exciting to learn crypto margin trading and leverage trading as it involves thrill and game of nerves. When I am working on assignments given to me, I feel I am a part of this market, it sounds so good to me. Moreover, I am practicing price forecast also, it shall help to make my analysis more precise. Learning such good topics can provoke enthusiasm in young learners and traders.


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Grade : 6

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