Comparison of Three Botcoin Buy and Sell Platforms, Indodax vs. Crypto vs.



In this post I want to compare three crypto trading platforms, namely Indodax, my account, and also the last one is Tokocrypto.

The number of exchanges in Indonesia, of course, each offers different advantages and features. The decision to choose an exchange, or the decision to choose crypto, depends on each preference. But there are a number of things that can help you make it easier to choose an exchange and there are a few things you can consider so that you can trade and invest comfortably.

In comparing the three exchanges, namely Indodax, Rekeningku, and also Tokocrypto, I will use several criteria.

The first is the minimum deposit amount.

Second, transaction fees. Including deposit fees, buying and selling fees, as well as Rupiah withdrawal fees.

The third is the spread. That is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price.

Fourth, the number of crypto assets on the platform.

And the fifth feature.

Let's peel them one by one.

The first is the minimum deposit amount. Before we can deposit, make sure we have registered and verified the account. That is, the stages are eleven twelve between exchanges. After our account is verified, then we can access the application as a whole. Before we buy crypto assets, we have to make a deposit that is the amount first.

First, let's look at Indodax. The minimum deposit amount in Indodax is only IDR 10,000, you can transfer.


At, the minimum deposit is IDR 50,000, and you can deposit it in IDR, or use digital assets.

If we want to use Rupiah, then there are several ways to deposit. Namely there are Bank transfers, Virtual Accounts, OVO, DANA, LiNKAJA.

If you want to deposit using Digital Assets, just go to the wallet section, continue to select crypto assets for deposit fees, after that, just follow the next steps.

Next at TokoCrypto. At TokoCrypto, it turns out that the deposit value is the same as that of, which is 50,000 Rupiah. The method can be bank transfers via virtual local, using mobile baking, and also using OVO.

If you want to deposit via OVO, you have to go to the OVO application first. Then in the OVO application you can choose to deposit Bank transfer fees, and enter the Tokocrypto local virtual number.

Well, now the value for a minimum purchase of crypto assets. At Indodax, the minimum choice is 10,000 Rupiah.

Meanwhile, in my account, and Tokocrypto, each is 50,000 rupiah.

Well, then let's look at the transaction fees on this exchange. First we check the deposit fee first. You need to pay attention to the deposit fee in Indodax, if you directly deposit cash at the branch office, you will be subject to a 1% deposit fee. So, the maximum fee charged is 1 million Rupiah.

So, for example, if one percent is more than 1 million Rupiah, that is still a maximum of one million Rupiah. In terms of overall appearance, for me these three exchanges, it looks quite clean, not too crowded, so it doesn't cause a headache or too much distraction.

Well, in these three exchanges there is a Stop Loss feature which is very important for trading, so that you can minimize losses. For beginners who are new to using, maybe the term this application can make you confused. But if you find out, you will understand it later, because it's simple.

Well, these three applications also have websites. Well, hopefully the comparison can help you, especially for beginners, to determine which exchange you want to use which is more comfortable to use.

See you at my next stage, thank you for taking the time to stop by my simple blog.

By @midiagam