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Hello my dear steemians! its me again with my task for week 5 of season 4. This was an amazing lesson by Prof. @kouba01 and I will illustrate according to what I learn in the lesson.

Enjoying reading my article!


Question one
Present the Just Swap platform in your own way, demonstrating its importance within the Tron ecosystem blockchain

As the debut trade stage whose basic blockchain system is the Tron blockchain, JustSwap is a decentralized trade web application that grants clients to exchange TRC-20 tokens for each other or for the TRX coin. It additionally upholds wallets like the TronLink. In contrast to the customary trade stages, JustSwap has specific extraordinary components that have been instrumental in drawing in brokers to it.


One of these attributes is that exchange offers executed on JustSwap are momentary. There is the shortfall of coordinating among bidders and venders, in contrast to the conventional decentralized trades. Consequently, dealers accept their mentioned tokens right away without agonizing over the timeframe it will take for their market requests to be filled. This works on the accommodation and speed related with the utilization of the JustSwap decentralized trade stage.

The previously mentioned include is likewise made conceivable in light of the fact that there is no cap on the trade's liquidity, and the exchange expense charged for every activity is negligible. Subsequently, exchanges on JustSwap are rewarding since dealers will get practically what might be compared to the mentioned TRC-20 tokens or coins because of the low charges and accessibility of limitless liquidity of resources on the stage. The exchanging expenses are 0.3% of the exchange being done, and these charges are dispensed to the liquidity suppliers on the JustSwap trade stage.

Besides, as a decentralized trade stage, JustSwap offers its dealers high security and straightforwardness. Information of exchanges on decentralized trades can't be adjusted and are promptly irrefutable by people in general. These qualities, along with the shortfall of delegates, present incredible trustworthiness to the activities of the stage and ingrain trust among its clients.

Also, decentralized tasks don't depend on one focal server but instead different hubs. So if one hub is down, the others will in any case be functional. The issue of vacation, in like manner, is dispensed with as the stage is consistently fully operational. Dealers can get to the trade any time and play out their exchanges.

Blockchains have different functionalities. They can uphold decentralized applications, games, finance projects, and some more. The TRON blockchain has flourished in numerous spaces, and one of the key areas it was trying to enter was the money field. Blockchain like Ethereum has prospered with its joining with decentralized money projects. In any case, the exchange expenses and speed of such stages are not advantageous for some dealers.

Examining these conditions, the supervisory group of the TRON network understood a window of opening to give a superior decision that will address the issues of the merchants by making accessible a quick and low charges DeFi stage to brokers. Subsequently, JustSwap was created and works on the TRON blockchain. It was likewise the underlying trade project that started on the TRON organization.

The achievement of JustSwap had a crucial influence in the development of the Tron network in the Decentralized money field of the digital currency space. After JustSwap, other DeFi undertakings, for example,,, and have all been dispatched on the Tron blockchain. These undertakings likewise give high liquidity to the dealers.

Question Two
What tokens does JustSwap support trading? How is the price of a JustSwap token determined (how it works)?


JustSwap convention upholds a portion of the significantly utilized tokens which is a mix of both the Stablecoin and the non-Stablecoins. To get on the hand information on tokens that JustSwap upholds exchanging with, one would need to dispatch into the application. They incorporate; TRX, USDC, SUN, SUNOLD, JST, WIN, DICE, LIVE, USDT, USDJ, TUSD, LTC and HT, NFT, BTC, WBTC, ETH, WETH, WBTT, WTRX

How Does the JustSwap Works

The JustSwap convention works with a Constant Function that considers a reasonable and sufficient conveyance of tokens in the whole biological system. It utilizes the X * Y = K capacity where demonstrates both the first and second token chose by the broker as pair though K addresses the Constant. Accordingly, regardless of the circumstance whereby X token is seen to a great extent expansion in volume in the pool, Y token is too seen to generally diminish in esteem as well. This happens versa visa with no specific request.

Also, as a Liquidity Provider who has given liquidity into the convention, each time an exchange is made on those cash sets chose, there is a 0.3% prize that goes with it. This is the exchanging expense charged for borrowers of liquidity the framework.

The liquidity suppliers can contribute resources for the stockpile pool of the stage through the liquidity highlight accessible on the trade. Two tokens should be given simultaneously. The TRX coin is needed as one of the two tokens. In this way, clients need to pick between different TRX and different tokens sets accessible on the liquidity page. Likewise, such liquidity givers appreciate 0.3% of commissions off exchanges on the JustSwap trade that includes the two sets of cryptographic money resources which client added to the stockpile pool of the framework. This component is pretty much one more method of marking tokens to acquire rewards.

Question Three
How do I connect my wallet to Is there a mobile app?

JustSwap has a Chrome expansion module for PC clients. However, with the end goal of this schoolwork, we will utilize the Mobile stage. Be that as it may, JustSwap doesn't uphold only any sort of versatile program as displayed in the screen capture underneath.


Considering this, we will introduce the TRONLink portable application. Utilizing this application, association and connection can be worked with TRONLink can be gotten from or from playstore/Apple Store for Android and iPhone clients.

I have introduced the TRONLink App on my versatile and for this schoolwork, I will move 70 TRX which I will use for exchanges.

Presently let us see how to associate to wallet (here we are utilizing TRONLink portable wallet). The initial step you need to take is to go to the DApp program of the wallet and select "JustSwap" yet on the off chance that you can't find it, you can physically include


When the JustSwap has stacked, you will see a button for "interface wallet," you need to click it to associate JustSwap to the wallet on the off chance that it didn't interface naturally.

qst3-3 (1).png

Here on my profile the complete worth of secured resource in the JustSwap DApp is $1,431,391,862. This record was assumed the sixth day of October 2021. The following is the screen capture.


Question Four
Include a real example of your interaction with Just Swap, demonstrate how you can trade on the platform.

Exchanging on JustSwap DEX

Trade exercises on JustSwap are alluded to as Swap, which is overseen by keen agreements. The liquidity of the trade is given by brokers who lock their resources inside the trade.

To play out a trade procedure on JustSwap, a symbolic equilibrium of TRX is needed to be accessible on the TronLink wallet connected to the JustSwap DEX. Different advances are as per the following:

To start with, access JustSwap's site and snap on Swap on the upper left-side corner.


After you have inputted the token and amount and had tapped on "trade," it will lead you to the interface where you will affirm the exchange all together for the trade to be started. You will then, at that point, click on "affirm trade" button with the end goal for you to continue.


When the affirmation is made, the exchange will be executed. Here, we have effectively executed our trade of 20 TRX to USDT. The exchange is finished


Question Five
Include a real example of your interaction with Just Swap, explain How to add liquidity to JustSwap

JustSwap DEX Liquidity

Including liquidity JustSwap is a course of locking TRC-20 symbolic sets on the liquidity pool, with the plan to procure compensations in type of exchange expenses paid by trading exercises.

I will lead you through the bit by bit way to deal with give liquidity in JustSwap. Most importantly, click on "LP Pools" from the menu alternatives.


Stage 1: You should choose your preferred Liquidity Pool and afterward add the liquidity. Here, I will choose the "USDT-TRX LP."


Stage 2: You will include the amount of every symbolic you need. This will be TRX and USDT in this specific pair. Here I will choose 15 TRX and it will give me the correlative USDT esteem, which is 1.36 USDT. After which you will tap on "supply."


Stage 3: Once you have tapped on "supply," you should affirm it by tapping on "affirm supply."


After you have click on "affirm supply," you will require affirm the exchange from your wallet portfolio. By tapping on "affirm," the exchange will be agreed upon.


After the affirmation has been made, you will get a notice demonstrating that the liquidity has been added.



JustSwap dApp is an entrance convention that is available to all regardless of areas or districts yet would just must be associated with the Wallet account (ideally the Tronlink wallet since it is worked to run on the Tron environment). With the ascent in digital currency reception and DeFi, the JustSwap is in the right space to give its joining members the simple entry, low exchange charge just as giving liquidity to compensate/automated revenue age.

Liquidity suppliers in the convention are seen to be remunerated 0.3% which is for the most part the exchange feed charged when borrowers of liquidity come to communicate with the dApp. The JustSwap dApp is known for its Infinite Liquidity arrangement and low exchanging expenses which turns out to be a fascination for its proceeded with reception.

Much thanks to you Prof.@kouba01 and Prof. @yohan2on for this errand.



Hello @manchochris,
Thank you for participating in the 5th Week Crypto Course in its 4th season and for your efforts to complete the suggested tasks, you deserve a Total|7/10 rating, according to the following scale:

OriginalityCompliance with topicConsistency of methodQuality of analysisClarity of structure & language

My review :

Good content in which you tried to implement what you were asked to explain in your own way. Here are some notes I give you.

  • For your first question, you provided quite a bit of information regarding the importance of the platform in the Tron ecosystem, but it didn't adjust properly.

  • I would have liked you to have prepared an explanation of how tokens are worth in your opinion so that the interpretations are more diverse.

Thanks again for your effort, and we look forward to reading your next work.

Thank you so much Prof. @kouba01.

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