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Been a medical student I have been expose to alot of issue concerning health care and why people find it difficult to visit the hospital.

One love medical services (OLMS) is a blockchain design for the people in general irrespective of their age, country or status concerning their health. one love medical services got it name for the fact that it cut across the whole world without discrimination.

With increase in technology many are in need for a specialist to attend to them instead of local remedies which is a good development but they are scare of going to the hospital due to the phobia some have for it ( a woman once told me, if they check my blood pressure at home it will not be high but once I get to the hospital it is the otherwise that why I don't like going there), some are busy, some are not just in for the stress so they take drugs not prescribed by the doctor, some are scare of nosocomial infections. OLMS is here to help such people, it will help them get medical services at there home without visiting or booking at the hospital all will be done online, with this it will increase availability and accessibility of health care services. you will be the one to say the time you will be free and the venue you want either at your home or office anywhere of your choice. there will be two categories

  1. if you want to see the doctor face to face at the location of your choice and time.
  2. and if you want to do an examination in any OLMS centers close to you and than you can speak to a doctor online even when you are lying in your bedroom

OLMS white paper.

OLMS service is a project that will help to fasten all activities that will lead to increased availability and accessibility of health care services, OLMS will reduce the issue of no bedspace in the hospital because only critically ill patient will be admitted. during the pandemic last year many countries try to employ the act of treating their patient at home infact Israel develop a technology you can use to test for covid19 at your house without visiting the hospital. but many people are still ignorant of the fact that they can receive medical care without leaving their home.

All you have to do is have an OLMS coin(OLMSC) so that no matter where you are in the world you can get access to health care practitioner to attend to you. all you have to do is login to the website and request for a medical practitioner to attend to you face to face or check for the nearest OLMS centers close to you and go for an examination which will be file in your casenotes online then you can talk to a doctor anytime you like online even at night. you don't have to pay a dime at the OLMS centers all will be paid online will OLMS coin(OMLSC)

Once you have this OLMS token you have access to OLMS service anywhere in the world, every OLMS holder will have a wallet that will be created by OLMS which will be used for payment, the token can also be transfer to a friend as long as he has an OLMS wallet.


OLMS will be using EOS blockchain because it is the latest blockchain with the following advantage

  1. high level of transaction speed ÷ to eradicate delay in payment in case of emergency.
  2. cheapest cost ÷ we want it to be affordable for everyone irrespective of you financial level.

later in the future we will create a DAPP that will be integrated with the EOS blockchain and it will use decentralized finance (DeFi) so that anybody cannot just wake up one-day and close it.

OLMS token

100,000,000 token will be created in which 15% will be for awareness and advertisement, 20% will be for the salary of staff for the first month while the rest will be for further use and maintenance.

each i.e 1 OLMS coin will be equal to $1 dollar but it can be brought in fraction as low as 0.1 OLMS coin.

for the building of OLMS centers it is a very expensive one and if we are to take the money form the coin it might not be enough to start the project fully so the building will be on donations we received from government, people, NGO, freinds etc by reaching out to them for help.

OLMS plans

OLMS will work with different hospital all over the world so that we can easily referee our patients to them if it is a complicated one that cannot be handle at home or online and be sure that that are given urgent attention as soon as possible. we will recuit many different health practitioner in different field and consultant so that they will receive the best medical care they can receive and will train all our staff how to make good use of the computer, as our patients is increasing we will be increasing staff so that patient will not have to wait for a long time before that are connected to a doctor or the appropriate health practitioner


C.E.O ÷ Adeniji Adedoyin
IT manager ÷ John James
Administrative manager ÷ Tunde Moyinoluwa
Digital marketing manager ÷ Chuck's Eze
Customers service department ÷ Joshua

with time when the project start fully there will be heads of nursing department, medical laboratory science, doctors, physiology etc all the different medications practitioner will have different heads which will be rotating every 3 year according to your certificate acquired, consistency, hardworking and human relations meaning how you handle your patient. this will help increased the staff effectiveness and zeal because everybody want to be a leader.


OLMS is planned to launch fully in 2024. for more details check the roadmap below

January to June 2021 ÷ An agreement will be made with different hospital all round the world especially state and federal hospital for them to agree with OLMS coin.

July to December 2021 ÷ Get permit or requirements from different countries where the project will cover.

January to December 2022 ÷ sending out letters for donations to the government, NGO, freinds, etc and building of OLMS centers all over the different countries where the project will cover.

January to April 2023 ÷ develop the EOS blockchain and the creations of apps and wallet for cellphone and laptops by the OLMS ICT group.

May to August 2023 ÷ launched the OLMS coin officially

September to December 2023 ÷ ICO coin offering will be raised and recruitment of staff.

January to March 2024 ÷ officials app and wallet will be released where you can start to see any medical practitioner of your choice.

April to July 2024 ÷ massive awareness and advertisement will take place all round the world teaching them the usefulness of OLMS and how to use the app and wallet and everything they need to know

August to September 2024 ÷ creation of decentralized finance (DeFi)

In conclusion

The need for medical health care services is increasing day by day and with the increased in technology we should used the opportunity to also enhance the availability and accessibility of health care, OLMS is trying to used advance in technology to provide health care for all without stress.

Thanks to professor @imagen for this homework it has always been in my mind but I have not for once draft it out like this, now with this homework I have my plans writing down.

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Gracias por participar en la Academia Cripto de Steemit.

En líneas generales es una buena tarea. Hay varios detalles que mejorar, como la estructura, la precisión de conceptos, entre otras cosas.

Éxitos en tus próximas tareas.

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