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RE: Assignment Steemit Crypto Academy Season 3 Week 5:-Trading Crypto With Ichimoku-kinko-hyo Indicator - Part 2[@kouba01]

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Hello @amar15,
Thank you for participating in the 5th Week Crypto Course in its third season and for your efforts to complete the suggested tasks, you deserve a 2/10 rating, according to the following scale:

OriginalityCompliance with topicConsistency of methodQuality of analysisClarity of structure & language

My review :

Unfortunately, the article included weak content, and this is due to a lack of understanding of the questions asked. Most of your answers focus on the Ichimoku indicator that we explained in the first part, and in this second part, we focused on the Kumo cloud, and here are some notes:

As per my understanding Kumo is a versatile indicator that defines the dynamic supports and resistance on the chart.

  • The kumo is not an indicator, but a part made up of two of the five components of the Ichimoku indicator, the Senkou Span A and the Senkou Span B respectively, so your interpretation of the cloud and its lines was wrong, due to the confusion between them and the Ichimoku indicator.

  • In the second question also there is a lack of understanding of what is required and a confusion between its two parts. The relationship between price action momentum and the cloud determines how thick it is as well as identifying support and resistance levels which differs from the traditional method as being more dynamic.

  • Explaining Twist and how to use it in trading was not precise in its analysis.

  • As for the fourth and fifth questions, you did not understand what was required, so your answers were not correct.

Thanks again for your effort, and we look forward to reading your next work.


Thank you for your review professor. I will take care of these points.