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On this occasion, I will try to take a class at Steemit Crypto Academy. I am interested in joining this class because there are many new lessons that I will get here. I will do homework task from professor @pelon53. Lesson discussion about TOKENS, PARTE 2: ERC-20 y ERC-721. Lets try...

Please describe the ERC-1155 token in detail


ERC-1155 Token

The development of the digital world that is increasingly widespread which triggers many people to continue to make new innovations in improving the quality of a product. ERC-1155 token is an evolved product created by the Ethereum blockchain team. This is the result of combining ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens so they are called multi tokens. The presence of this token is believed to to renew and improve function and quality of token to make it easier and more practical for users to transact. ERC-1155 tokens have a special advantage over ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

ERC-1155 Token Function

The presence of ERC-1155 token has made users safer and more comfortable in transactions. This is evidenced by the function of the ERC-1155 token which has been upgraded to a better level. Its function is to resolve errors sending tokens. There are ERC-20 token users who send tokens to the wrong address so the tokens is lost. The ERC-1155 token allows users to cancel tokens delivery if there is an error so the tokens is not lost. Then the low transaction fees are also very good for users. ERC-721 token users have to pay expensive fees because they have to transact a number of tokens separately. The ERC-1155 token allows users to transact a number of tokens at one time. This makes the transaction fees cheaper.

ERC-1155 Token For Gamer

ERC-1155 token which is used as the Non Fungible Token (NFT) standard has made gamers easy and happy to use it to transact on any gaming platform. ERC-1155 tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain have brought benefits and advantages to playing games and generating profits. Smart contracts that run on the system have given special treatment to gamers in managing a number of tokens to transact several items at once without limits, making the process easier and cheaper.

Enjin Coin.png

Screenshoot On CoinMarketCap

Enjin Coin is an example of implementing ERC-1155 token used on gaming platforms. The use of ERC-1155 tokens makes everything related more efficient. ERC-1155 tokens are believed to reduce the time between token exchange and item purchases so grouping of multiple items is possible. This has made gamers more comfortable in gaming and transacting.

Please describe how you verified the number of ERC-721 tokens in existence. Add current screenshot (use etherscan)


  • On the home page that appears select "Tokens" as i marked because you want to verify a type of token. Then several options appear below and select "ERC-721 Top Tokens" as i marked because you want to know the number of ERC-721 tokens.


  • On the Non-Fungible Token Tracker (ERC-721) page shows the current total number of tokens. The number is 11,133 as i marked.


Explain the TRC-20 Tokens and check the number of TRC-20 tokens available. Add current screenshot (use tronscan)


TRC-20 Token

TRC-20 is a token running on TRON networks such as TRC-10 and TRC-721. TRC-20 token creation and development team has carried out innovations and improved functions to make these tokens of high quality and market demand. TRC-20 is believed to be capable of being the strongest competitor for ERC-20 tokens that have been used anywhere and by anyone. To make it easier and more attractive for developers to migrate, the same script code as the ERC-20 token is the main factor to rely on in this case. TRC-20 has its own advantages and characteristics that make it the best running token on the TRON network.

Comparison of TRC-20 and TRC-10 token

  • Low Cost
    Transaction processing fees that occur in TRC-20 tokens are relatively cheap than TRC-10. This is evidenced by a fee of 0.000005 cents per transaction.
  • Fast
    Transaction processes that occur in TRC-20 tokens are faster than TRC-10. This is evidenced by the capacity of 2000 transactions per second.
  • Secure
    The level of security that applies to TRC-20 tokens is higher than TRC-10. This is evidenced by the use of a peer-to-peer system which is very safe and strong in protection.

Number of TRC-20


  • On the home page that appears select "Tokens" as i marked because you want to verify a type of token. Then several options appear below and select "TOKEN TRACKER" as i marked because you want to know the number of TRC-20 tokens.


  • On the Token Tracker page you are given the option to check 3 types of TRC-10 TRC-20 and TRC_721 tokens on the right side of the page as I marked. Choose "TRC-20" because you want to know the number of tokens. Furthermore there is the current number of TRC20 tokens on the left side of the page which is 16,049 as I marked.



ERC-1155 token is multi token. This is an ERC-20 and ERC-721 combined token. The presence of these tokens is believed to solve errors in sending to the wrong address and cancel transfers. And also has cheaper transaction costs because it can do multiple transactions at one time. Furthermore, the use of Etherscan and Tronscan is very beneficial for the users. Because with the help of this web users can get information and data about the required token. All this learning greatly enhances the knowledge of the ERC-1155, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

Thank you for the time and opportunity to develop the knowledge I have. Hopefully it will be useful for all readers.

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Gracias por participar en Steemit Crypto Academy:

Escala de Estimación.Puntaje.Observación
Explicar ERC-1155.1.7Faltó información.
Verificar Token ERC-721.0.9Verificado.
Explicar TRC20.1.7Faltó información.
Originalidad1.3Su propio trabajo.
Presentación.1.5Buena presentación.

Calificación: 7.1

Thanks professor!!!

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