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Hello professor @sapwood,

It’s my pleasure to attend yet another quality lecture prepared by you having missed out on the advanced courses you prepare I hope to be one day reach the required standards. After reading your lecture notes and doing some research I will present my assignment based on the questions you asked.

Q1: What is TronLink and what is Tronscan? What are its uses? How do you verify a transaction status(including timestamp, resource consumption(bandwidth & energy), nos of confirmations) using Tronscan-- Examples, Screenshot? What are the different dApps can you explore using the TronLink wallet? Make a transaction(a micro-transaction) with Justswap or JustLend using TronLink wallet?Screenshot?


What is TronLink?? To make this term more understandable to anyone I will break the words into two ‘Tron’ and ‘link’ I believe by now we will all know what Tron is if no, it is a cryptocurrency but at first it was a token which was created based on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, however in 2018 Tron developed its own blockchain. When we say link it simply means a connection to something or someone so in simple words.

TronLink is the medium that connects the user to the Tron network, initially the TronLink was created as a google chrome extension which can be added to the web browser to allow the user access to the Tron network over time they developed a mobile app for it.

TronLink supports all TRC-10,TRC-20 and TRX tokens this means that the user of this network can be able to send and receive all these tokens.

There has been an issue that the TronLink wallet is not secured and I want to use this opportunity to clear the doubt. When you register or create a wallet with the TronLink, you will be given a private key alongside the private key the user is made to create a password which will be used to confirm all transactions. The private key can be used to recover the account Incase you lose your password. So it is very advised you write it down.


what is Tronscan?? i said that users can send and receive TRC-10,TRC-20 and TRX tokens if the users sends these tokens how will they be able to view the transaction details like the energy consumed, the time it has been sent whether or not the transaction has been confirmed and many more as a result of this the first Tron blockchain explorer was created to cater for all the above points I have mentioned.

Uses of Tronscan

1 - with tronscan, users can easily know whether a transaction is successfully or not. When it’s successful it would read as ‘success’ if not ‘failed’

2 - The can tract certain details of a transaction like the time the transaction was executed, the date and the energy it consumed.

3 - Tronscan also displays the balance of its user so that we will be able to keep track of our account balance.

4 - Using Tronscan, users can vote for their desired super representative. To be able to vote you need to freeze your trons 1 Trx = 1 vote.

Uses of TronLink

1 - The TronLink can be used to send and receive all TRC-10, TRC-20 and TRX tokens.

2 - Assets stored in the TronLink can not be simply hacked they can only be hacked when you misplace your Private key.

3 - Since the TronLink is the barrier that connects the user to the Tron network, users can easily explore the Tron network.

4 - Users can interact with DApps like just swap, just lend. Just swap can be used to swap other tokens for the other.


How To Verify a Transaction Status (Including timestamp, resource consumption(bandwidth & energy)

In my above explanation of the Tronscan I made mention of it ability to track the status, time and the energy it consumed. In this section I will give you a step by step method of verifying a transaction and follow it up with screenshots that will clearify your understanding.

1 - Visit the official website of Tronscan website, click on this LINK to do so.

2 - When access the website you will see search engine where you can search for your desired transaction using its unique hash. Since I don’t have any transaction hash I will pick any last transaction from Tronscan.

3 - Click on the last transaction to display its details.

screenshot from

Below are the details of the last transaction I found in Tronscan.

Confirmed by21 blocks
Confirmed SRs19
Time35 mins ago 2021-10-10 08:36:09 (Local)


To -

Transaction hash -


Consume Bandwidth
267 Bandwidth

screenshot from


What are the different dApps can you explore using the TronLink wallet?

dApps is the short acronym for Decentralized apps, they are applications that run on other blockchains so in this case they are applications that run in the Tron blockchain. They are categorized into six groups namely gambling, DeFi, games, exchanges, collectibles and high risk. Below is a screenshot of some dApps that run on the Tron network.

Screenshot from

Just lendDeFi
Just swapExchanges
T carryhigh risk
Poloni dexexchanges


Make a transaction(a micro-transaction) with Justswap or JustLend using TronLink wallet?Screenshot?

1 - First of all make sure you TronLink is connected to your wallet.

2 - just below your account balance click on swap.

3 - choose the currency you wish to swap to for me I will be swapping my Trx to USDT. Now enter the amount of Trx you want to swap to

4 - After entering the amount click on instant swap.

5 - Click on confirm

6 - Enter your password and click on done

7 - Swap successfully.

Screenshot from



A very big thanks goes to the professor for this wonderful lecture notes I have really learnt a lot. The TronLink plays a major role by lining the user to the Tron network in such a way that users can interact with the dApps. Through this I have shown a practical example of swapping my Trx to USDT. Thank you.



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