STEEM & TRON- Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 Beginners' course- Homework Post for Task 2

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Hello professor @sapwood,

It’s another privilege of mine to attend another lecture prepared by you. After reading your lectures and doing some research I will present solutions to the questions you asked.


Q1 : What is PoB?

POB is a short acronym that stands for Proof of Brain, steemit is a platform that runs on the proof of Brain ideology meaning authors on the platform who make good and quality post receive rewards or are rewarded.

Someone might ask how are they rewarded when they create quality post??, well this is done through upvotes they receive from other users who have amassed a lot of SP. Sp stands for Steem Power, which determines the weight of the rewards you will receive from your curator.

Once you publish your post, in any community in steemit lets say this assignment am doing right now after the professor have read this assignment to his satisfaction, he or she will judge this post (Grade it). After grading it based on its certain criteria the curators (people with plenty steem power) can reward me based on grade I have got.

The same applies of other communities, users (with high sp) go round looking for quality post to reward. Likewise if your post isn’t of the required standard ( plagiarism or spamming ) you can be penalized by a form of downvoting, downvoting reduces the value of a post.


Q2 : What does curation mean to you in Steem Blockchain?

What is the main aim of the steem blockchain? The main aim is for authors to publish their authentic post (free from plagiarism) and receive rewards. So now curation is the process where by the curator (the person who have read your article and have decided to reward you) adds value to the article or post you have made on the platform. The more steem power you have the more value you can add to someone’s post.

The good news about curating is that when you curate someone’s post your earn steem power and TRX which will all depend on the percentage you curated on that specific post. It’s very important to amass a lot of SP if you want to earn more Steem power and TRX as rewards from curation.

Before we curate any post it always very important we take our time to read the post check for plagiarism to make sure that what the author posted is actually his own work. An example is what we do here in the academy.

The next thing is after confirming it’s free from plagiarism, you can curate and also help the author by re steeming his post this will help your followers also curate on that post.


A screenshot of the rewards I earn from curating


Q3 : What are the benefits of building SP?

I’m actually happy this question was asked I have actually explained some of the reasons we should power up before so I would just talk more about it because some users don’t actually know the importance.

1 - No one wants to be in a community where he or she has no value or power, the same applies to the steemit platform, the more Sp you have the more influential you become. The first question is how do we build Sp? We can build our sp by power up steem you can follow up with the achievements to know how to do that. I said you become influential because whenever someone creates a post you can reward the author by voting on his post. After voting, you don’t only stand the chance of increasing your steem power you will also earn TRX.

2 - Another reason why we should build our sp is to not only help ourselves but also the steemcurators (steem curator01, 02....04) one might be wondering how will building my sp help the curators? We are over 500k people in this ecosystem and it’s not possible to receive upvotes from them so when we power up, we can help reduce the burden on them. I will use myself for an example I have never received any upvote from @steemcurator01 apart from last season when I was eligible to participate in the advance courses. And I always post quality work so when people build their sp they can help in curating the post so even if we don’t get upvotes from the curators we will be okay.

3 - The third reason why we should build our sp is with enough sp, we can delegate to our communities to help us all develop together. Some might not be familiar with the word ‘delegate’ it means to offer some part of your sp to your communities page. Offering your sp doesn’t mean you will lose the sp this is what most people get it all wrong. When I delegate to you at anytime I can Shiite to take back my delegation. On the bright side you earn steem when you delegate.


Q4 : How do you explain self-upvote as a good or bad social behavior & why?

Self upvote is the act of rewarding your own post After publication. I have seen and heard so many opinions about this act some of the opinions are; if you don’t self upvote your post it means you don’t trust your own work some also say that it means you are appreciating your work or art.

Form me I think it’s not a good idea to self upvote. Why? Because anytime we create something to us it’s the best but we need comments from other people or we need others to be the judge of our week because they can easily spot the flaws of the article let’s take this assignment again as an example of an asked to grade this I would score it a 10/10 but that wouldn’t be fair I need the professor to read and give me his opinion. He might spot some Mistakes I wouldn’t be able to find or see.

Self upvote is an act I think we should frown upon. And we should let others be the judge of our works.


Q5 : Explore to indicate rank, STEEM price, and coinmarketcap of STEEM(screenshot required)?

Let’s all visit this LINK in other to access the platform.

1 - When you lunch the website, in the search engine type ‘Steem’ and search.


Click on steem

According to the coin market cap, the current price of steem is $0.5505 with a rank of #193 with a market cap of $213740315.94



Rank : #193
STEEM price : $0.5505
Market Cap : $213740315.94


Q6 : What are the different tokens do you earn by socializing in Steem Blockchain?

There are about four tokens you can earn rewards in this platform (steemit) namely; Steem, TRX, SBD and SP.

1 - STEEM, this is the native token of this platform (steemit) this is what users usually trade with either STEEM/BTC or STEEM/ETH. We earn steem by trading with our SBD. We can also build our sp by powering up our steem. currently steem Ranks at #193 and a priced at $0.5505

2 - SBD, is the next reward which is the short form of STEEM DOLLAR, when authors publish their post they get curated and after 7 days the post pays out in SBD from the the users can trade their SBD for steem and either withdraw or power up. The current price of SBD is
$6.86 and ranks at 484

3 - TRX, is also another way users get rewarded when they publish their post and it gets curated after 7 days the post pays out SBD, TRX and SP. the author can withdraw the TRX into his Binance account or if preferred you can link your TronLink with your steem wallet and let your TRX work for you.

4 - SP, is also another way users get rewarded when they publish their post and it gets curated after 7 days the post pays out SBD, TRX and SP. the sp helps us to get more curation rewards to help increase our influence in the community.



Having stated the importance of building our sp, I now believe people who read my post will know why it’s going to power up. Because when we power up and vote on other uses post we don’t only earn sp we also receive trons as well. And also self vote should not be emphasized in this platform. We should always let people curate us by their own will.

Let me thank @sapwood for this wonderful lecture I wish you all the best in life and to any of the professors going to read my post have a wonderful day.

Thank you.



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