Crypto Academy Season 4 Beginners' course - Task 6: Different types of Consensus Mechanisms

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Good tidings steemians,
I thank Prof. @sapwood for the lectures a ton of things, I much educated a great deal.


Homework Task-6:

(1) What is the difference between PoW & PoS? Advantages & Disadvantages? Which one is better in scaling Capacity? Examples?


(2) What is the difference between PoS & DPoS? Advantages & Disadvantages? Name a few Blockchain projects which use the DPoS consensus mechanism and indicate the scaling capacity?


(3) Name a few Blockchain projects which use dBFT in combination with other consensus mechanisms? Indicate the scaling capacity? Explain dBFT along with the pros and cons?

I will discuss 1


Design On Canva


What Is Proof of Work?(PoW)? images (4).png Image source

Proof of Work as related or associated with bitcoin is possibly a show or thought made or imagined to outline electronic trades that are gotten from advanced attacks and without an outcast, and clearly it's decentralized.

The Advantages Of Proof Of Work (PoW)

  • To be sure, one of the fundamental advantages of the PoW is that this understanding part offers block rewards and various benefits to it's miners, such benefits as a particular level of the mining costs or charges, for mining on this framework.

  • This show furthermore makes a decentralized association which is the Focal or supervisor reason of digital money works out.

  • The Proof of Work(PoW) keeps the blockchain in a particularly tangled or inconvenient way while at the same time being extraordinarily irksome and over the top to attack.

The Disadvantages Of PoW

  • The Proof of Work prompts high energy usage thusly inconceivably increasing the cost and the effect on the environment and this could proportionally be persevering and hard for the customer.

  • The Proof of Work achieves deferred dependence on mining practices even while actually made progressed financial norms continue to participate in the crypto market.


What Is Proof of Stake(PoS)?images (31).jpeg Image source

Proof of Stake(PoS) which is a structure that licenses customers or machines to function admirably in a passed on setting, chooses who actually takes a look at the accompanying Block, dependent upon the sum or proportion of coins the solitary holds, instead of miners using computers to check trades as they do because of the norm or ordinary Proof of Work, honestly the PoS thought is concentrated, and the vitally digital money to do an aggregate and serious PoS arrangement model is Peercoin.

The image underneath depicts peer coin Computerized cash:

The Advantages Of The Proof of Stake (PoS) Concept

  • The Proof of Stake needn't mess with calculation power and they're more energy useful.

  • Additionally, the Proof of Stake gives sensational benefits and pay to miners who use their cryptographic types of cash.

  • The Proof of Stake comparatively can should be without peril concerning game plan of wellbeing for miners in the future to enable them get pay in the event of any phony activities on the web, for instance, computerized attacks or advanced bad behavior.

Disadvantages Of Proof of Stake(PoS)

  • Proof of Stake raise the foundation for a decentralized association, endeavoring to seriously hurt the essential foundation for the computerized cash system.

  • The PoS is bound together and less secure, hereafter could be helpless against terrible quality attacks in this manner conveying mischief to customer adventures.


The differences between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are as follows:

images (27).jpeg Image source

  • In PoW, the likelihood of mining a block is picked by the proportion of PC work that is done by a miners. While in PoS, the likelihood of affirming or checking one more block is picked by how huge the proportion of a coin an individual has, and clearly in this last case, the measure of coins an individual has matters.

  • In PoW, a prize is given to the essential miner to settle cryptographic or Proof of Work puzzle of each block, and what's genuinely going on with this cryptographic enigma? Cryptographic puzzle is about miners utilizing their figuring capacity to eccentrically convey numbers at a quick speed, and if they produce the victorious number, they win a lottery. While In PoS, the validator doesn't receive a block prize rather he gets network cost as his prize, and for the present circumstance, a validator is someone that is blamed for the endeavor of checking or attesting blockchain trades concerning in case they're legitimate and exact.

  • In PoW, in other to interface each block to chain, miners should fight to settle hard puzzles with the usage of their PC to control or control data. While In Proof of Stake, there is no fight since block creator is picked by a computation that is set up on customer token or prize.

  • In Proof of Work(PoW), for software engineers to have the alternative to association or join misleading block, it's essential that they have 51% of estimation power, and this computation power insinuates how speedy a machine can play out a movement. While in Proof of Stake(PoS), it would require that developers have 51% of all cryptocurrency on network, which is fundamentally ridiculous.

  • Proof of Work systems are energy inefficient and are humble. While In Proof of Stake thoughts are extensively more exorbitant and energy viable than PoW structures.

  • PoW has gear planned to use getting ready force. While In PoS, standard laborer grade unit would get the job done.

  • In PoW, the main theory is to purchase hardware. While In PoS, the hidden endeavor is to purchase token or coin and further foster status.

  • Bitcoin is the most predominantly known progressed cash that uses Proof of-Work framework, or arrangement building estimation which uses the most renowned Proof of work known as SHA256. While In PoS, a part of the advanced monetary standards that use various sort of Proof of-stake understanding are: Tezos, Cardano, Universe, etc. |



From my investigation revelations, I would reason that the Proof of Stake is liked in scaling limit over the PoW, given the way that the Proof of Work (PoW) limits scaling limit.

Coming up next are two cases of PoS, and they are Ethereum and NXT coin. We should consider them reliably.


In truth, while it was all the more difficult to grasp the Proof of Stake than Proof of Work to the extent getting to an arrangement along the association, in any case, Ethereum can should be one of the huge computerized types of cash that is emphatically settled on the Proof of Stake thought, for that affort has reliably been facilitated towards the improvement of Ethereum especially since the beginning of their stage 2 update. For example, Ethereum customers are expected to contribute 32 Eths to have the alternative to support trades, since they are irregularly picked, and moreover check and administer blocks that are under their thought.

This is another noteworthy outline of the Proof of Stake(PoS) system. Their blocks are conveyed every 1 minute on ordinary by accounts that are opened by PC that help the network and imitated by a molding connection.



Security is equally put into account in this system, for cyber attackers are hindered from producing new chains from the first block.
Security is correspondingly positioned into account in this system, for computerized aggressors are defeated from making new chains from the chief block.


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