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RE: [Intermediate Course] Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5 Week 7 | Verasity - Advertising Services On Blockchain

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What I have observed from the @wahyunahrul's homework is he always keeps 10 questions in his homework, which turn out to be a lot more lengthy homework for students, even advanced homework have 6-8 question on an average. @dexsyluz
@emyekanem @steemdoctor1 @laser145
@uchescrib @jerryofkingz

 6 months ago 

Yes. It does not matter that how many questions are there. But these questions must be easy for the student and create no challenge for them. But professor is not online for 4 days and not considering our mentions.

Exactly. Advanced homework tasks are easy to complete because they don't usually require lengthy writeups. Also, their grading system makes no sense to me when we perform the tasks to the best of our abilities.

 6 months ago 

This has happened with me as well. I would say avoid writting such lengthy work as we are here to learn not to screenshot and paste here every thing. Homework should be skilled based. @uchescrib

I agree

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