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RE: [Intermediate Course] Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5 Week 7 | Verasity - Advertising Services On Blockchain

in SteemitCryptoAcademy6 months ago

7). Transfer some VRA Tokens to the VeraWallet account that you have created and prove the transfer with Block Explorer

Verasity is built atop of ethereum blockchain and single transaction cost around 20-30$.

How a student suppose to do that transaction to fulfill the question.

Is ther any other way to proceed with? @wahblyunahrul

 6 months ago (edited)

A student with a grade of 8 earns approximately 10$ professor @wahyunahrul

 6 months ago 

Prof @wahyunahrul
Your attention is needed here

We need an answer, professor

 6 months ago 

Dear sir @wahyunahrul please re-cosider the given tasks as soon as possible so that we could complete our assignment.

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