Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5- Task 8 [Decentralized Applications (dApps)]

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What are dApps

Dapps are decentralized applications that are used in a blockchain technology, which does not require control points or a central to regulate its operation, but is managed through a decentralized network. It is a network where the same users can maintain full control and management of the network. since it is a system that allows users to enter and register through any service or device with security by its cryptographic encryption system that is very safe and transparent. Thus the node will disappear, it will always continue to exist in the network.

Dapps, as it is not a system that is controlled by an authority, allows them to have a system that does not have many failures or significant drops in the network. As it is also a network of people to people (P2P), it is a scheme that does not need a third party since there is no central authority.

DApps are applications that every day are gaining importance in the cryptographic ecosystem, since a system that allows users to maintain control of their own money, this is due to the nature of the blockchain network that does not prevent users from having communication between them, to make an agreement without the need for a third party to manage our information.

So that we have an idea if the WhatsApp application represents a centralized application, let's suppose that we are writing to a person, where each message reaches the instagram server which owns WhatsApp where it redirects it to the person we are sending. the message. While decentralized applications do not need an authority, people can communicate directly.

Explain the working system of DApps.

DApps are executed in the same way as a Blockchain network does, which results as a channel to maintain communication. Where each DApps user represents a node within the same network, so each user has to take care of the correct management and operations that are executed on the network. Since DApps work through an intelligent contact known as Smart Contract that is executed within the blockchain.

We must understand that Smart contract is an intermediary that is responsible for confirming the authenticity of each of the interactions. When a new operation is executed in the DApps network, the platform data will be updated in each of the nodes. This guarantees that the data is stored in each of the nodes of the Ethereum blockchain network, being visible to the public.

DApps allow access to users, applications and systems that you do not need to know beforehand, offering you the possibility of executing transactions between P2P. Once the P2P system has been implemented, minimum values ​​have been available, during the course of the transaction on the blockchain by using a DApps.

By using this system, an effective operation of the network is ensured, where each node collaborates so that this works effectively. Therefore, it would be unreachable to cancel all the nodes of the platform at the same time, when an attack on the system occurs, the network will constantly be protected no matter what happens.

What are the differences between dApps and other applications?

They are Decentralized applications that were created in a blockchain technology, which allows users to maintain control of their data and any personal information in their account.They are applications that are traditionally used, developed in a scheme between clients and server, so they are controlled by the owner of the network.
It is an application that the graphical interface does not maintain a link with a server, but rather maintains communication with the block chain.In these applications, the graphical interface is maintained by communicating with the server through the internet on a computer
It is an application that does not need a third party to establish connection with other users to make agreementsThey are applications that in order to establish relationships with other users, it is necessary to have an intermediary to establish an agreement.
They are applications developed within blockchain technology, making them a secure system.These applications are not developed in a blockchain technology, so they are not very secure.
These applications can protect the value, which cannot be deleted since the information is public, offering more securityIn these applications, the user is prone to being stolen and may lose all their data due to the hacking of the system due to lack of network security.
One of the most notable differences in DApps is its speed of the system that has very little performance in transactions or they are very slowUnlike DApps, the other applications have a much faster system, allowing faster operations.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of dApps

DApps in an application like any other app, the difference that distinguishes DApps is what happens behind the scenes. After this difference from decentralized applications, it is that it will have an exact resemblance to the app so you will not need a course to learn how to use themNot everything is perfect so there are many flaws to be solved with DApps. The most urgent thing you need DApps is to have greater scalability, as well as to understand that to handle these applications, users need to study new ideas that until now are unknown.
It is an open source application, where any user can see everything they want, as well as they can test it if they wish, they can even make modifications for private use.We must be very careful when carrying out a transaction since this operation is carried out internally in the network, which means that we must do it correctly, otherwise the movement will not be able to be undone.
It is a system that will keep the data well protected and protected, we must bear in mind that if we have decentralized applications we can be sure that our data will be protected.The disadvantages of DApps is that it is a system that needs to be constantly updated, thus creating an opportunity for hackers to control the blockchain.
DApps are a decentralized network since each server or node makes a copy of the user's information on the network, even if an attack on the servers occurs, the network remains secureBy having a disproportionate increase in the network of nodes, you can raise the value of processing each of the operations performed.
As we have already explained previously, these applications are used independently through smart contracts, this means that no company maintains control to decide on user data to negotiate with other companies.It is a system that needs a more developed and stronger network so that it can function properly.

How can dApps developers promote their applications? What should we pay attention to when using dApps?

To highlight an application among all those that already exist, it is necessary to implement a good strategy that begins with choosing an application, where the images that are used have a great impact to make it known. Through social networks (instagram, facebook, youtube, among others, through publications that are focused on the implementation of applications that allowed to know the platform and its benefits when using it.

Another way to promote the applications is to inform about how much will be generated or earned weekly and monthly when using DApps, this allows a form of the application to be created and the community increases exponentially.

What should we pay attention to when using dApps

We must thoroughly investigate which platform offers greater reliability, since there are many SCAMs in this ecosystem, which are responsible for creating DApps that are fake.

We must keep track of the project information. This is to know if the users, the volume and the transactions that have been made in the DApps, is forming a strong and unforeseen drop. This means a sign of project scam.

We must be attentive to which blockchain DApp is running on, this allows us to identify which currencies are used in the DApps. For example, in Steemit it was developed on the Steem blockchain where we use a STEEM coin to remunerate their publications.


To obtain information on the DApps that we are interested in knowing, we must enter the following link , where it allows us to perform an analysis of a specific project.

Once we are in the main dappradar window we can see that it provides us with the different blockchains on which the DApps are based.



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