Steemit Crypto Academy S5-[STEEM & TRON] - Task 02

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(1) What is PoB? What does curation mean to you in Steem Blockchain? What are the benefits of building SP? How do you explain self-upvote as a good or bad social behavior & why? Explore to indicate rank, STEEM price, and coinmarketcap of STEEM(screenshot required)? What are the different tokens do you earn by socializing in Steem Blockchain? How would you use your TRX earned in Steem Blockchain to optimize earning in Tron ecosystem?


The steem blockchain owns a rewards fund to give back to content creators and curators. To distribute these rewards, the mechanism called POB (Proof of Brain) is put into practice for the delivery of the rewards in steemit. Its name is due to the fact that the profits are obtained by the intellectual production of the users through their publications and their comments, likewise, when exercising the vote those publications that meet the optimal conditions of unpublished and original content are indicated.

I consider that it is of the utmost importance to maintain the standards of production of knowledge and creativity of the authors to carry out an exhaustive review on the content to determine that it is not the product of plagiarism, for which the curators serve as judges who after analyzing and verifying the authenticity of the information proceed to vote. All this compendium of wisdom and intellectual production, the action of the vote, and the weight of the vote of each user according to their accumulated steem power understand the mechanism of the POB. In my opinion, the brain test includes not only the publication of content but the healing of it and the discernment of good content and the not-so-good, even lousy or negative content.

What does curation mean to you in Steem Blockchain?

For me, curation means the concreteness of the efforts put into the production of quality content that is interesting to be read and commented on; this effort is rewarded through the votes and rewards obtained from both the curators and the communities and the rest of the users, that is, the higher the quality of production, the greater the possibility of receiving the cure and thus be able to grow within the blockchain. Curation indicates that content is good and interesting and that it can rise to the category of trend within a community by being more visible within it, ranking among the best. Also, healing means greater prestige and the possibility of increasing your reputation within steemit.

When we perform the curation of other publications it is because it is observed that that publication complies with the required publication styles (format) and exhibits good writing, with coherent and organized ideas, transmits an interesting message and the most essential thing is an original content that is not contaminated or plagiarized so it passes the brain test and deserves to be supported with the vote, comment or resteem thus indicating to the rest of the users that you observed it and considered that it is good content.

What are the benefits of building SP?

As I mentioned earlier derived from the publication is obtained: profits and rewards these can be in steem, Steem dollar (SBD) trx (token tron), and in Steem Power (SP) the latter we can obtain by redeeming our Steem doing Power up (on) and thus increase its value which will eventually grant greater influence within the blockchain, then the voting power will increase and your account will acquire greater value, also by exercising the vote on the publications you chose you will be in the place of position according to your power in relation to the rest; this means that the greater steem power the greater the weight, the greater the visibility and the greater the reward for healing, which undoubtedly brings with it greater benefits over the total value of your account. Among the benefits, it is worth mentioning the opportunity to create communities, be able to make delegations to your community and choose to be a moderator in it, it also allows you to accumulate crypto in the form of steem power that in the long or medium-term you can liquidate by doing power down (the process that converts SP into steem) according to your needs, among other benefits that you can obtain.

How do you explain self-upvote as a good or bad social behavior & why?

Since I started at Steemit I understood the vote as the form of the award over quality content; I understood it as the strategy of relating to other users, (as a like). Then when making my achievements in the community I read about the vote in favor, it seems to be a very good thing because the idea is that the rest of the users are the ones who dictate your content and decide to give them the support through the vote. I think it is the appropriate way to motivate users of the platform to strive to make better and better publications for the pleasure of readers. The vote in favor of good publications is the behavior expected to achieve healing rewards and maintain interaction between members of different communities.

According to the explanation of professor sapwood, the Vote in favor means the distribution of the rewards and when voting in favor a certain amount will appear in the box payment of the lower part of the publication, which is subject to the weight of the bet (SP) and the weight of the vote. Therefore, the reward will be distributed between the author and the curators and will be reflected in the publication that was voted in favor and that is good for everyone.

Explore to indicate rank, STEEM price, and coinmarketcap of STEEM(screenshot required)?

Coinmarket is one of the most popular sites on the web that allows you to track or check the prices of different crypto assets; the first thing you should do to explore the coin market is to visit their website there you can see the price of Steem in real-time, which I show you in the following screenshot.


A few minutes later we can see that there is already a variation in the price of Steem, it is as I already told you because the price is constantly updated in real-time, depending on the behavior of the market.

In the market cap option, we can visualize the behavior of market capital in the last 24 hours just by looking at the center of the main page.


According to the above chart, today's steem price is Today's steem price is $0.616489 with a 24-hour trading volume of $23,179,143. We updated our STEEM price to USD in real-time. Steem is uptrend 2.86% in the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap's current ranking is #329, with a market capitalization of $183,601,400USD. It has a circulating supply of 394,951,699.00 STEEM coins and the maximum supply is not available.

What are the different tokens do you earn by socializing in Steem Blockchain?

Steemit like others is a decentralized blogging platform where articles and content are published, this platform has the particularity of rewarding the user for their publications with different tokens, which are redeemable with each other through the Steemit wallet, the Tronlink or the exchanges (polonix or binance for example)
These are the following,

  • Steem

It is the main token that is earned by socializing on the blockchain. It is the currency of the platform and can be exchanged for Steem dollars or converted into Power Up, it can also be transferred from one count to another or exchanged for the local currency to use your profits in the consumption of goods and services.

  • SP (steem Power)

It is the influence token that you earn as author rewards or for healing rewards and can be increased with your steem accumulated in the wallet through a very simple process called "power-up". They can also be transferred to another account by delegation.

  • SBD (steem dollars)

It can be converted to steem or local currency. We can convert it into steem from our internal exchange and we can convert it into any assets using an external exchange such as Bittrex and Upbit.

  • TRX (Tron token)

This is the Tron token and is also earned by socializing on steem blockchain; for every steem power, you earn you also earn a Trx (1:1 ratio). This token was integrated into the steemit platform on December 2, 2020.

How would you use your TRX earned in Steem Blockchain to optimize earning in Tron ecosystem?


To optimize the profits obtained TRX I can transfer them to my Tronlink wallet to obtain bandwidth and energy that will later allow me to make transactions in the ecosystem, in this way I can acquire other tokens and cryptocurrencies interacting through decentralized dApps (Sunswap for example). I can also freeze my TRX, this freeze consists of crypto locking for a period of time, which prevents you from trading or selling until it thaws, which strengthens the ecosystem.
Betting is also a way to earn by holding some cryptocurrency by allowing the blockchain to put it up and running. Any of the above actions would be optimizing TRX's profits by giving it productive use.


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