Cryptocurrency Trading: Fundamental Analysis Versus Technical Analysis

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Last month China banned cryptocurrency for the year :) Yes, you got that right because it was not the first time nor the second either.

However, this time the ban hammer 🔨 knocked a bit heavier on the market as it reacted with a free fall.

That is basically a fundamental event that is bound to happen to coin values.

Whereas many people lost values of their coins, a few others gained by short-trading.

The point? Although fundamental and technical analysis work sometimes on crypto market, Most times, it is the fundamental events that determine a lot.

Take a look at what SFP (SAFEPAL WALLET TOKEN) did on Binance as seen on the image below.


It is another clear evidence of Fundamental Analysis. The graph changed to a Tree 🌲 and grew astronomically :(, I wish I see the future attimes.

As a cryptocurrency trader, which Analysis method yields more funds to you?

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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