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RE: Waves Platform || Crypto Academy - S5W7 || Intermediate Course by @imagen [Actualizado]

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That's true . I have present the same argument many times . I will not do this task for this reason. My last reward will be 12 USD, (if i'm lucky), and if i have to spend 10 USD in this task it will be nothing.
When the professors Ask for this invest , they only put out of the Crypto Academy more participants. Even more. The market is bearish in the last week. It's not a good moment to buy. We will lose money.with the transaction cost fee too. If Binance is not allow, we have some money there and we have to use other excahnge , we have to pay fee. More lose to add.
I have many friends who after implementing 50/50 had to leave Steemit. Asking for investments only increased the number of participants leaving.
Most of the participants in the Crypto Academy DO NOT HAVE MONEY, we are hardworking people looking for a way to earn a living. That should be taken into account before placing these demands.
I really enjoy doing these tasks. They are a challenge for me that I am not from the area. But reality prevails and I will have to look for other alternatives.

 7 months ago 

Sometimes I wonder how spending on these coins contribute to the growth of #steemit or the steem blockchain. It is just another way of discouraging people from participation in the class

Everything you just wrote details my thoughts. All these tasks are just a means to reduce participation. The club5050 rule in my opinion is the worst thing that has happened in Crypto Academy since the community came into actualization.

I've been a member of this community since Season 1. All the new rules they bring up always prove to be beneficial in the long run. But this club5050 is pointless in my opinion.

Saying we should invest 10USD when our rewards can't cover up the cost is inconsiderate. I'm not wasting my time on this tasks because it makes no sense to me. The professors have also refused to respond to our pleas. I once encountered a problem installing an application for a task. I asked the professor in the comment section for guidance but received no feedback. I ended up completing the task to my strength only to get a grade of 5.

Nobody likes wasted efforts and this community is in the least supportive.

 7 months ago 

you are right after club5050, we dont get good upvotes.

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