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A big hello to everyone hope you are excellent, let's talk about the topic of hashgraphs technology I did not know that there was another ecosystem apart from blockchain until now thanks to professor @pelon53 opened my mind and I will focus to give the best of me in this great research will week 16 I hope it will be very educational.

Explain in detail the gossip protocol used in hashgraph?

This Decentralized technology is different or rather an alternative of blockchain, this technology was born to compete directly with blockchain or try to reach the high end standards to match or exceed the levels of blockchain, Hashgraph has a high security index and also a great Practicity allows to solve the big problems of scalability This system is based on Direct acylic Graphics ( DAG) this system uses a virtual voting protocol compatible with Gossip Protocol .

WHAT is Gossip Protocol:

It is a system that implements a distribution of information so that the same information is not repeated in the nodes because this information already exists within it is more like for information security allowing everyone to be informed at the same time. this is safe and efficient we see that the scalability can reach 100p/s. we speak that the Gossip protocol is based on probability to send the information this means that a node must choose with which node you want to share the information is fixed and limited. this means that the nodes will always share the information that corresponds to the peer network.

General Objective of Gossip Protocol:

If we talk about the objective in this case the Gossip protocol is to give information to the nodes continuously no matter what other nodes fail this will choose a node to give information but this information must be fixed during communication is layers to exchange at high frequency and a data flow in the network, this allows the information to be distributed as quickly as possible between nodes through a dispersion pattern that is used in it.

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Most important features of the Gossip protocol:

Fault tolerance:

If a node is disconnected for any reason the other nodes are prepared to give the information with the nodes that are operational correctly the message they received this nodes have the ability to share this information in the peer-to-peer network.


The Gossip system is fully decentralized and autonomous. which helps to send information without the help of any third party has no owners or bosses.


The Gossip protocol all the nodes operate in the same equal way, there is no difference one from the other in this aspect if a failure appears this will not damage the information between the nodes allowing the ideal fluency for the good operation of the system since the other nodes will be in charge of distributing the information. in this way a node can enter and leave without problems of the system.


These nodes of the Gossip system are fully scalable since they have a highly powerful distribution system, each node is paired with another node and this information is transmitted between them in a correct way.

Problems in the Gossip protocol:

In the case that a node is infected it is able to distribute the message in a way that the other nodes think it is safe but it contains malicious information that is able to transmit from one node to another and in the same way they will distribute this information. It is a problem that I see very important that should be solved very quickly.

Explain Byzantine fault tolerance in Hashgraph?

When we talk about Byzantine failures is when the distributed network center fails usually without the organization centers possess records about the failure but it is very tolerant to failures that occur asynchronously this means that hashgraph is quite resistant to asynchronous Byzantine failures in this case Byzantine fault tolerance a type of BFT guarantees the security of the data that are stored within the network this prevents malicious agents can alter the data for their convenience.

The approval of the exchange is approved after it reaches an agreement before this it is numerically demonstrated that each of the organization is unanimous, in this way it would reach such an agreement the nodes in turn in the ecosystem are legitimate the nodes would reach an agreement on an exchange if we see that less than one third of the nodes in the ecosystem are negative the framework will make a final decision finally reaching an agreement.

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Make a comparison between Hashgraph Vs Blockchain, for a voting process in your country. Which technology do you prefer and why?


Blockchain is a decentralized system that allows you to interact freely with millions of users worldwide without the need for a third party is connected one to one exchanging users online through intelligent counter has a high security all blocks are connected by a chain called blockchain.

blockchain is totally free and independent it does not need any owner or boss it is totally public you can see transactions and amounts all the coins and tokens that exist publicly through an open book that keeps all the information that is done works on incredible complex mathematics that must be solved by the interconnected nodes, while hashgraph is private carries information or data to nodes these nodes are reliable this data can not be shared with anyone who wants to see them, the speed is much faster than blockchain which is less than hashgraph.

blockchain needs to validate clients but hashgraph clients have to be verified beforehand.

Hashgraph is a decentralized technology based on DAG is a very basic voting algorithm that is connected to a gossip protocol that allows operations to be very fast and very safe, this information can be known by other users this data, these data hashes that voted are considered 100% valid is a safer way because they provide better security and tolerance to the Byzantine failures of which we spoke above.

For a voting process in Venezuela:

The system that I choose is the Hashgraph as we talked about in the previous part this system is one of the best in the sense of voting is referred because in a country like Venezuela voters do not leave for fear, because there is no gasoline, because the tickets are too expensive, or simply because they lost faith in the voting then implementing an online voting system we can guarantee more voters and thus ensure a fair democratic and clean votes. so in my opinion the decentralized Hashgraph system offers that the data arrives to the nodes and these are verified and validated by transmitting from one node to another the information thus providing a digital voting system previously registered in the system and ready to give a vote without the fear of the danger of being manipulated and altered in the final counts. the vote would remain hidden and safe.

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Explore Hedera Hashgraph - Show screenshots?

It is a fully public decentralized network but is aimed at companies this may be able to perform 10k transactions per second was launched in September 2019 but what is this protocol layers ? in its beta version in 2019 this features a hashgraph algorithm its initial launch was in 2018 just on March 13 at that time we only knew of his white paper was researched by leemon baird co-founder and head of hedera, raised 124million dollars in three rounds of funding their tokens called ( SAFTs) about 1000 participated in the SAFTS of hedera.

Now let's identify HBAR values and see some screenshots to better explain my understanding.

It is in a #51 position on coinmarketcap and has a value at the time I am doing my homework of $0.2356 with trading movements in the last 24 hours of $289million USD.

volume / market cap 0.14$.


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Let's explore their website where we can see everything about this system.

We will open the web page here

Where we will see a series of options


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Allows clients to use alternative tokens to be their own tokens i.e. fungible tokens that work on the hedera network, this service is available to designers offered by the hedera consensus service API, usage is available for any authorized blockchain and various administrations are accessible to the NETWORK.


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It has a Hedera API in several languages, this creates more interaction with investors and allows to incorporate to the actual application a blockchain structure that is authorized by the Hedera organization. FEES shows the administration costs that were chosen in the meeting. it is very important to know the costs for the designers and thus to be able to manage correctly in knowing the administrative costs.
Github and LEARNING CENTER is a good alternative on hedera hashgraph, it permits you to take a tour on hedera hashgraph and its functions are payments, token creation, data compliments, identity, and other options.


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En esta parte veremos el token Hedera (HBAR) este nos permite crear cuentas también nos inca la parte de Billeteras y Exchange esta parte nos indica las billeteras que están disponibles y las operaciones que tiene disponible esta moneda (HBAR)


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This part has 39 terms that are strictly restricted and this incorporates several partnerships that form 11 areas with other non-profit partnerships around the world, this large board specializes in the area of security for hasgraph hasherágraph in this way builds these partnerships and allows to continue to evolve in terms of change to improve the system and the organization.


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If it were not for this spectacular class and deep research I personally did not know that there was this hashgraph protocol so I thank the professor @pelon53, talking a little more about the subject we can clarify several details in my conclusion I see that this system is better than the blockchain but still needs to be disseminated even more in society with respect to the blockchain that everyone already knows, my example is clear I am in the world of cryptocurrencies I know I am new but I had not heard this system then like me there are millions of people who need to know that it exists I think it is still very hidden and needs to get up with more marketing is a very good system that benefits many who use and are currently within the ecosystem law that applies more to large companies and corporations and is very suitable because it improves the speed, it is a fairer system, and more transparent thank you very much to all for staying and get to this point every day you learn something new and this was a very good learning thank you.


Thank you very much.


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