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RE: Exchange Coins || Crypto Academy - S5W1 || Intermediate Course by @imagen

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@imagen Sir please the tag changes to "# image-s5week1" after translation.
I think what we should take note of is to use the tag for the untranslated page which is #imagen-s5week1 instead of "# image-s5week1".


It is important to use the correct hashtag #imagen-s5week1 because otherwise I can't find the assignments and I can't grade them.

There are new rules regarding #club5050 so you should read the post again.

 3 years ago 

I understand that sir @imagen. I just wanted to highlight that the wrong tag usage is as a result of the use of the Google translate. The image below shows what happens before and after translating this page.


As you can see the tags are different and the translated page gives you a wrong tag. I just wanted to draw attention to this.

I understand the new rules to #club5050 and would soon make a post for your assignment when I'm eligible. Thank you

Certain. Unfortunately, the translator translates the content of the tag and that is the reason why some English-language participants have problems with the correction of their tasks because they do not appear in the trending until they edit their posts and make the correction.

 3 years ago 


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