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Greetings dear friends, today we are at the opening of a new season of the cryptoacademy, a space that the Steemit blockchain platform has given us with the intention that our knowledge continues to expand more and more in the ecosystem of crypto assets.

In this case, I will join the incredible conference that is given by professor @wahyunahrul, where he talks about a very interesting and highly relevant topic that is currently happening in the world, nothing more and nothing less than the Metaverse and its impact on the world.

With great honor, I will be expressing my views on this wonderful topic, I hope you are encouraged to participate and continue learning more every day.


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Evolution is part of continuous life, from ancient times to the sun of today we have been able to see the great changes that the world has had, whether for better or for worse, but I am sure of something and it is that the world always It is constantly evolving and changing, imagine always staying stuck day by day in the same thing, it would be fatal, wouldn't it?

Thanks to the many advances that have been developed over time, humanity created a wonderful gift that today is indispensable in every area of ​​our environment, better known as technology, it started little by little with the implementation of a smart computer, a cell phone, a television, etc. However, with the passage of time, technology has advanced significantly, currently we can witness large projects that are established in the world and that go hand in hand with technology, such as the innovation of the internet of the things (IOT), the arrival of decentralization, of blockchain, and until today the wonderful Metaverse.

Nowadays, simple activities that seemed tedious and boring to us can become something very easy to do and a lot of fun, this is partly due to the advancement of technology and the many gifts that they offer us every day, that is why the Evolution and development never cease to amaze us, since almost most of the activities we carry out today go hand in hand with technology.


1) Do you think the Metaverse is "the next level of technology of the future"? Explain your personal opinion by showing some evidence.


The Metaverse is a technology that has not yet been developed 100% in real life, but we have been able to interact with it through other areas, such as video games, movies and even books. Let's say that the Metaverse is an external realities that we are not familiar with, but thanks to the areas mentioned above we can know what we are talking about.

In the field of online games we can become a little more familiar with this concept, since we can witness that reality is altered externally, we can find worlds very different from which we are not used to seeing, with animals, cities , people and any object that does not resemble real life at all, transporting us to a reality very different from the one we are used to. In the case of movies, we can witness wonderful short films that are based on this theme, as well as in books.

But what if I told you that all this could be brought to life? What consequences would it bring to the world? This is a theme that was introduced to humanity a long time ago, by the novelist Neal Town Stephenson, which in his book told us about a parallel universe and very different from the one we are not used to, since then the theme of the** Metaverse **has been developing little by little in the world, until the sun of today where we can see as its development is planned to take place in a real way.

The Metaverse is a very broad and extensive topic that aims to replace the technology better known as the internet, but in what way? Simply taking care of uniting the best virtues of the real world with the virtual world, bringing as a consequence what we know best as an external reality. Through it we can interact in a completely different world and carry out activities that seem to be impossible, but that thanks to the Metaverse can be carried out, such as, for example, we can see or visit people who are far away and make ourselves present in a virtual way We can travel through other worlds or cities, we can interact in a technological way and carry out activities that we only think we can do through a technological device.

While it is true that the Metaverse can improve and develop many areas of the structure of the world, such as technology, economics, etc. However, we cannot deny the great impact it would bring to the world, therefore, it can be very well classified as the next level of the technology of the future, a technology that we thought could only be captured through movies, books, computers, but that can now be applied in real life.



In my personal opinion, I consider that technology has advanced a lot, my parents and my grandparents always told me that many years ago this type of technology did not exist, almost all the activities that were carried out on a daily basis we had to do with our own hands , without technological devices or internet. Time has evolved and has brought us a lot of ease, to the point that 80% of the activities we carry out in our daily lives have to depend on technology.



Before there was no light, then it was developed little by little until we had a switch where we turned on and off, finally until the sun today we can connect a high potential technological equipment to turn the light on and off in the comfort of our bed, without having to get up. Then another, broader and easier-to-use technology was developed, better known as the Internet of Things (IOT), which consists of performing many activities through an intelligent device, such as opening doors, turning on the shower, turning on televisions, opening windows, etc., can cover many areas of our life, such as medicine, politics, economics, science, etc.

This is a real and living example of what the world has evolved with technology, that is why I consider that the world of the Metaverse can be fully executed very well after it is fully developed, and for this it would not take long.




2) Explain why Metaverse and Blockchain are compatible technology pairs.


The evolution of Blockchain technology together with the Metaverse, have been innovative and highly developed mechanisms that have brought thousands of advantages to the world, that is why it is not a secret for anyone that their main objective is decentralization and interoperability. Today due to their great advance and similarity in several aspects, we can say that both technologies are very compatible and of great value to the ecosystem.

In fact, we could say that the development of the Metaverse can be very well reflected through blockchain technology, taking into account many aspects that are really fundamental for its development, that is why some of its similarities are:

Decentralization: Decentralization is the main objective that characterizes both technologies, since in it lies the need for human beings to take charge of their own actions and consequences, without having central entities that monitor and monitor both of our steps, giving us a higher level of privacy and security in each activity we perform.

Immutability: Another fundamental aspect that characterizes them both is immutability, a mechanism that allows both technologies the power to share and store any type of information, but without the fear that said information will be altered or changed. Once it is entered, it is impossible to remove or change it.

Digital assets: Today blockchain technology encompasses the largest field in the area of ​​digital assets and crypto space, allowing us to transfer our assets from one place to another to the person we want, quickly and safely. With the new development of the Metaverse, we will also be driving in the realm of digital assets.

Collectible items: In the parallel world of the Metaverse, we can have collectible items that will help us to carry out any type of activity, and in the world of blockchain technology, such items already exist, better known as non-fungible tokens or NFT .

Interaction between two worlds: Both technologies allow us to unite and interact the best of both worlds, such as the virtual and the real, giving us the possibility of carrying out activities never seen before.

There is no doubt that both technologies are very compatible and share certain similarities, that is why I believe that the union of both would bring to the world a wonderful innovative technology capable of offering us the best tools so that we can carry out thousands of activities. Today the virtual world is the most accessible and innovative, that is why the Metaverse seeks to completely unite both worlds, but for this it must unite the best characteristics and capabilities of blockchain technology, resulting in the best technology known to date. now.


3) Choose a Blockchain-based Metaverse project and do a fundamental analysis of the project.


🟢 Bloktopia Metaverse.

Bloktopia is a Metaverse that is backed by the Ethereum sidechain, which is better known as Polygon Network, which tells us about a completely different and unique external world, where there is a huge skyscraper the which has 21 levels, whose levels will have a different level of learning, in them we can win money, place bets, have collectibles, learn about cryptography, buy houses and many other tools for our benefit.

It was developed in 2021 by its main founders: Ross Tavakoli (CEO), Paddy Carroll (CMO), Libby Rothwell (DC) and Simon Benson (CTO). Its structure is based on a huge 21-story skyscraper, which was created in honor of the 21 million reserves that Bitcoin currently has.



Its main objective is to offer millions of users an innovative project that is capable of uniting the best capabilities of blockchain and the Metaverse, through a world called Bloktopia, where we can carry out multiple activities such as advertising, purchase of goods. roots, we can create works, perform challenges, play and interact with other players while generating income from it, uniting the best aspects of the social and economic sphere.

Its skyscraper is totally decentralized and full of fun, on each floor we will find a different activity to carry out, the inhabitants who live there are usually called bloktopians and they play a fundamental role within the project. Its greatest relevance is that it has a mechanism that makes the game have a 3D shape, guaranteeing incredible views and countries out of the real and ordinary.



🟢 Utility token

Although the project is not yet fully operational, for its proper functioning and development, Bloktopia has its own governance token, which is a fundamental piece to carry out the multiple activities within the game. It is a utility token that was launched on the market on October 6 of this year, better known as (BLOK), thanks to it, access to said project is allowed, turning its holders into bloktopians.

We must own BLOK tokens to rent and buy land, play games, create arts, designs, buy any object in the market and any relevant activity. Your utility token is currently listed on several DEX exchanges that would help us obtain it, some of them are **Gate.io **, Poocoin, Quickswap, KuCoin, etc.



When its public offering was launched on the market, it had a total offer of 200,000,000,000 and approximately $ 4,900,000 was raised. It currently has a market price of $ 0.08323 and a 0.03% dominance, according to Coinmarketcap.



🟢 Contributors

Bloktopia is a project that has a wide variety of collaborators who help its development, companies with great relevance in the market, whose value makes the project reliable and safe. Some of these contributors are:

• Decentraland
• Sundbox
• Avalanche
• CryptoWendyO
• Polygon
• GenblockCapital
• PlayStation



🟢 Social networks

Currently the Bloktopia project has several social networks that keep us informed about each change and update that is executed in the game. Social networks today are very important, that is why it is very advantageous that this project has them:

Twitter: @bloktopia



Medium: Medium.com.bloktopia



Telegram: Bloktopia.com



YouTube: Bloktopia



🟢 Roadmap

As we know, the project has not yet been fully developed, that is why on its official website we can find a small roadmap where it indicates the following updates and news for the remainder of this year.




4) Explain the steps to connect a crypto wallet with a Metaverse project that you chose in question number 3.


The Bloktopia wallet is a very broad and simple wallet, better known as a multi-chain wallet, since it allows us to interact with several blockchains so that we can perform multiple activities, some of these blockchains are: BSC, ETH, BTC, MATIC, etc. Its main foundry is to store and protect ERC -1155 standard tokens, making it a very versatile wallet.



However, currently the Blocktopia project is not available for us to enjoy, therefore the option to connect our crypto wallet is not available Until now, however, in its White Paper we can see how the steps we have to follow will be, once this project is fully available to the public:

  1. The first thing we must do to start playing and interacting in the project is to register and create an account with our Bloktopia wallet, without it, we cannot start enjoying all its tools.

  2. To obtain our wallet we must create it through an email provided by the project or through social networks, through two authentication systems that require us.

  3. After that, we can successfully connect it with the blockchain we want and start interacting with it.



But not everything seems to be slow, because on its website we can carry out various activities that can generate income while the project is being launched on the market, an example of this is the Staking option:

• On its website we have the tool available to perform our staking, offering us several options with different percentages of APY generated, some of them are:

• 20% APY
• 40% APY
• 60% APY



• For example, if we click on one of them, we can see more information about it, such as the information on the rewards program, as well as on the stakeout, etc.

• If we want to do our staking, we just have to click where it says "connect wallet" and automatically we will get the option that we have available for it.



• As we can see, the Metamask wallet is the one available to carry out our operation, we will simply click on connect, and automatically our operation will be executed.



• It is important that we have a balance in our wallet, otherwise we cannot continue with the operation.



As well as this tool, there are also others available on the Bloktopia website, however I will be discussing them later.


5) Explore the Metaverse of your choice and show off the various features, benefits, and other unique things about the Metaverse project.


As I mentioned before, Bloktopia is a 21-level skyscraper, where each level has a wonderful Metaverse full of magic, but we will ask ourselves, what do some of those levels bring? Then I will mention some of them:

Main level: The main level is the most accessible to all Bloktopianos, since in He can access several important tools that he offers us, such as, for example, we can see each event and update that is carried out in the project, as well as we can participate in them, we can also receive help with any questions or concerns we have about it project, in addition to having the presence of large recognized platforms of the crypto space, such as Coinmarketcap, Binance, Coingecko, KuCoin, Quickswap, etc.

Pentahouse and Gaming: At this level we can interact with other bloktopians within the game, it is a level where fun and interaction are the main load. In it, we can make bets and any other type of games while we generate income for it, we can say that it is one of the most interesting levels of the skyscraper.

IT area or auditorium: As I mentioned above, the Bloktopia project not only makes us generate income in the economic area, but also goes hand in hand with the social area, therefore, within the Skyscraper floors we can find a level where we can learn and inform ourselves about any relevant event that occurs in cyberspace, which will help us learn more.



🟢 Tokens

I already mentioned earlier that the project's utility token is better known as (BLOK), however, the Bloktopia project has other types of tokens that only serve to perform certain activities within it, these tokens are the following :

BLOK: It is the main token of the platform, which is used for its commercialization abroad, it can be exchanged in exchanges and serve as a utility to buy certain objects within the game market.

REBLOK: In the Metaverse of Bloktopia we can interact in the world of real estate and real estate sales, therefore, the REBLOK token is a token that can only be used internally within the game, where it helps us to buy or rent any land or house in the world of Bloktopia.

ADBLOK: Finally we have the ADBLOK token, where it is used internally within the game to generate income while we work through advertising. The Bloktopia Metaverse also offers us the opportunity that we can work with different brands and stores to advertise while generating revenue from it, and all of that is through the ADBLOK token.




JOBE is a tool that is active on the project page, in it we can generate income while we rent our collectibles within the game for a certain period of time.



🟢 Avatar and design creation

Once we start in the Metaverse of Bloktopia, we have the opportunity to create our avatars according to our tastes and personalities, which are the ones that will carry out each activity that is executed within the skyscraper. Our avatars can be created to our liking, and once they are created they will be ready to start living within the world of Bloktopia, we will not be able to change or alter them, however, we can change some characteristics through certain collectible objectives that are sold in the market.



Art and creation go hand in hand in the Metaverse of Bloktopia, since within the skyscraper we can carry out activities to create any type of work of art, games to interact, scenes, etc. while we generate income for it.




Within the official page of the Bloktopia Metaverse, there is a tool called NFT, which if we go to that site will immediately take us to another interface where we can see more clearly and precisely, each of the levels that the skyscraper has. We can see a kind of plans where each floor or level of the skyscraper is established.



The world of Bloktopia is a wonderful Metaverse that brings us many advantages and benefits, it is not only focused on the economic area, but also works in the social area, trying to offer us the best capabilities and tools so that we can continue learning in this wide world of cyberspace.

Its launch has not been fully executed yet, but on its website we can find other types of tools that we can use in the meantime. Its structure is very well designed and I am sure it will be a wonderful project within the world of the Metaverse.


6) Conclusion


We have reached the end of our task this week, and I can only say that it has been a very broad and interesting topic to discuss, as the world of the Metaverse promises to be the new technology of the future, bringing together the best of the real and virtual world. , making it possible for us to expand and improve our capacities in our living environment.

• The Metaverse technology has yet to be fully developed, however, today there are many companies that have been developing little by little with the subject, such is the case of the creator of what used to be Facebook and is now called META , better known as Mark Zuckerberg.

• At present we can find the world of the Metaverse through many other areas, such as books, Nft games, movies, etc. There is no doubt that the Metaverse has been originating for a long time, which is why its future seems to be promising.

• We have been able to see how Blockchain technology and the Metaverse share certain similarities and similarities, since it is not a secret for anyone that their decentralization is their main objective, that is why I consider that their union would be an incredible future.

• I was able to share with all of you an incredible project that brings together the best of blockchain technology with the Metaverse, which is the case of the wonderful world of Bloktopia, we were able to see all the advantages and benefits that this project gives us, to even though its functionality is not suitable for everyone.

I thank teacher @wahyunahrul for teaching us this wonderful class, it was an honor to participate.

Until next time.


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