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RE: Crypto Academy Season 3 | Intermediate course by @allbert –week 5: Psychology and Market Cycle.

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my professor is very confused with question number 3, explain in which emotional phase of the cycle it is and why. Must be different phases.

  • What do you mean why?

sorry I asked too much, please enlighten professor


Hey @daiky69 if you go through this lecture attentively you'll find theres are various emotional phases of the cycle. There are some phases which are good for trading oppurtunity. Some phases which are not

When you'll attempt question number 3 you'll have to do the study of the cycle and emotions in it. And in question 4, you'll have to determine the best time/phase and place the trade.

bullish and bearish phases are just cycles that hold a lot of emotion or some bias that affects trading psychology, but I don't quite understand the question.

explain in which emotional phase of the cycle it is and why.

Ok I will try to explain the emotional phase of the current cycle.

and why

This is what confuses me

 3 months ago 

Hello my friend, To understand this question you should look at the first graph I posted in class, the Wall Street graph. There are 13 emotions or moods. You must compare it with the graph of the crypto assets you choose and draw your conclusions.

Then you must explain in your own words and convincingly, why that specific emotion occurs in that part of the market cycle.

Try to make a good analysis, it is not just about mentioning which of the 13 emotional phases you think it is.

Thanks professor

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Dear Professor @allbert so does we have to do our analysis regarding our approach that what we get from the market by using that chart phases right? (13 emotion phases). not necessarily we can get all the factors? Might be some factors are effected us.