To attempt season 4 tasks, I have decided to delete this post

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I have decided to delete this task as nobody has turned up for the curation. I guess all the professors are now busy curating season 4 tasks. So I have decided to attempt those tasks and do not want my previous tasks to be curated.


Hello, @sapwood

I know that you have worked really hard on the season 4's beginners' assignments, and I know how exhausted you might be feeling. But can you please ask somebody to curate my last two assignments from season 3's introductory courses? It has been 2 days and nobody has curated both of my assignments.

Thanks in advance brother.

 3 months ago 

Ok, let me follow up with the Beginner tier professor, and from now onwards, you should attempt the Beginner[fixed] as per the schedule of Season 4.

Please refer to this table:-


If you have completed one or all of the Tasks in Season 3, [Begnner(fixed)], then you will be automatically entitled to the equivalent achievement in Season 4 Beginner[Fixed] as per this table. So no need to perform those tasks again.

Thank you.

Cc: @lenonmc21

So do I get to attempt all the beginner tasks or only some of the task can be attempted? @sapwood

 3 months ago 

You have completed Task-1, Beginner[Fixed] in Season 3. Task-2 is pending, yet to be curated.

Task-1 of Season 3 is equivalent to Task-2 of Season-4,

Task-2 of Season 3 s equivalent to Task-4 of Season-4.

Therefore, Except for Task-2 and Task-4, you should attempt all the remaining 8 Tasks of Beginner[Fixed] Season 4.

Thank you.

Okay, I got it. But @sapwood I have completed first three tasks from previous season. Two of them are pending for curation.

 3 months ago 

Okay, then check the table and accordingly submit the rest of them in Season 4.

 3 months ago (edited)

Hello professor @lenonmc21, @wahyunahrul

Can you please curate this assignment?