Steemit Crypto Academy Contest Season9 Week1 [SUMMARY] - "Steem performance in 2023"

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A cordial greeting to all the friends of this community, we have finished the first week of the 9th season and the second week is already underway.



This report is intended to show the statistics of what happened in this first week.

Last week we were talking about: "Steem performance in 2023" We wanted to know each participant's opinion on the possible Steem price at the end of 2023, the projection of user's Steem Power at the end of 2023, and the step by step description to convert USDT to Steem and then transfer the Steem to the Steemit wallet.

Several participants made excellent entries and provided high-quality papers, concerning Steem's performance in 2023, their research fulfilled what was requested. Other participants did acceptable work, however, it is necessary to go a little deeper into the subject matter. Only one user did not meet the requirements.


Statistics of the Participation

In this first week of the challenge, 14 participants made their entries, and all 14 entries were valid.

Valid EntriesInvalid EntriesPlagiarized Content

This can be further shown in the bar chart below.

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Task Distribution

The graph below shows that 29% of participants made excellent assignments, 57% of participants' entries were good and 7% only completed their assignment. One entry did not meet the requirements and was below grade.

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Overall Performance.


Top 3 Users

For the selection process of the three best publications in our community, we took into account the following:

  • Highly rated posting. Quality of performance.

  • The quality of engagement interaction with other users.

After doing a review of all entries received, the top 3 posts are:




We have culminated this first week, and no entries were found with plagiarism or entries with Artificial Intelligence.

Only one entry was below the requirements of this challenge.

I encourage Steemit users to join these challenges to learn a little more together.

 5 months ago 

Wow congratulations to my fellow winners @malikusman1 and @steemdoctor1.

Thanks brother. Same to you 😊

 5 months ago 

Thank you so much for selecting me as a winner and congratulations to other winners.

Wow, what a nice surprise. Thanks a lot for selecting me and congratulations to my mates @malikusman1, @simonnwigwe.

 5 months ago 

Thanks dear brother

Congratulations to the winners. Well deserved.

Nice to see that all deserved candidates are chosen as a winner. Congratulations to my brother's and wish you goof luck for next week.

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