Steemit Crypto Academy Contest Season 5 Week 4 [SUMMARY] - Token Burn

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We have successfully and effortlessly completed the fourth week of this Season 5 Engagement Challenge, which ran from October 31 to November 6, 2022. In this report, we will be summarizing all the statistics we have during this period regarding your participation in the competition organized by the Steemit Crypto Academy community. Our goal is always to study the main topics related to cryptography and blockchain.

As mentioned earlier, the subject of the fourth week contest was the concept of Token Burn, where users were asked to give their opinion on the following points:

  • Use your own words to determine what is token burn? And explain how it works (add an illustration if possible)?

  • Mention the benefits of burning the token with a detailed explanation of each.

  • Why does the blockchain burn its tokens? Study the case of the blockchain which burned its tokens by identifying the results obtained.

  • The burnsteem25 idea that encourages burning 25% of your publishing revenue? Do you think this will help increase the value of the reserve currency in the medium term?

In general, this week we received good posts in terms of content quality, although the number of posts did not meet our expectations, this decrease may be explained by the lack of interest of our dear users for this promising field, I therefore invite you to participate in these contests to train good knowledge in crypto and blockchain. Now we go directly to stats and nominations.


Statistics of the Participation

For the 4th week of the contest, we received a total of 20 entries during the valid period of the contest, we had only one article which is considered invalid because it is incorrectly posted and removed by its author and we are happy that no article was plagiarized during this week. We will continue to work hard to completely eradicate plagiarism in the Crypto Academy and hope to continue to see pure and genuine content creators, Let's see the chart below.

Total Entries Invalid Entries Plagiarized Content
20 1 0

Performance Distribution


From the performance graph above, good scores dominated with 75%, followed by below average scores with 20% of total entries, 5% for invalid entries.


From the metric above, We would like to encourage users who didn't score too high or who scored below average to improve on their entries subsequently.

Top 3 Users for the 4th Week

We have chosen the top 3 articles in the community, these articles are selected based on merits, engagements. There are a few articles that scored high but couldn't fulfill other requirements we are considering, out of numerous, 3 of the total entries stand out having been able to satisfy all conditions.

Ranking Username Article
1 @xkool24 Link
2 @temitopef Link
3 @starrchris Link


We sincerely appreciate the users that participated in the fourth week and we would like to urge everyone to ensure their articles stand out having properly understood the contest theme. Let's make the STEEM ecosystem healthy through our collective efforts. Thank you.


 last year 

Wowwwww, that was a great honor to have me as one of the selected winners for the week.

Indeed, token burn has been a topic i've looked forward to gain more knowledge on after my first write up in then steemit crypto academy lessons. My research and engagement with other users gave me more insight on this.

Congratulations to all other selected winners.


 last year 

Wow 😲😳😳 I lack words to use to appreciate you for your love, congratulations 🎉 to @xkool24 @temitopef

 last year 


 last year 

I'm very happy to make the list of the top 3 users for week 4 in the academy. It's my joy anytime I participate in the crypto academy contests because it puts my brain to the test with research about the topics.

Furthermore, token burn is another one I was able to lay my hands on last week, I enjoy the research and writing about the topic. I also learned from the other posts I read and engaged in the contest.

Thank you for considering me for the position in the academy. I will keep doing my best and improve. Congratulations to my co-winners @xkool24 and @starrchris.

 last year 

You got the point and concept @temitopef. The contest challenges one to research, learn and engage all in one.
Thanks and more wins

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