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Dear community members, we are glad to be in contact with you again this week and trust you are good. The 3rd week of the season 3 engagement challenge in the Academy has ended and we appreciate your participation in the contest. Having evaluated last week's participation in the contest hosted in our community, we would like to give a summary of how things went and the top articles for the week.

The topic last week was centered on blockchain technology and how it is changing our everyday life, making life easy through its adoption in different sectors. Many articles brought forth their sides of the story, this enables many users to research more about the blockchain ad how it works, likewise, they were able to learn from the articles created by other participants.

Participants have been able to come up with their opinion about the future of blockchain , its advantages like decentralization which eliminates third parties, its facilitation of speedy transactions, and so on while many see immutability as a problem in some cases when there exist errors in transactions as data can't be further edited. In addition, users have talked about the implementation of blockchain in different sectors, especially in the health sector.


Statistics of the Participation

In the third week, we have received a total of 76 entries, it's quite interesting to know that we have no record of plagiarism at the end of the contest this week but there were 7 invalid entries from users who do not comply with the club status and others who have left Steemit for long and have only returned to participate in the contest in the Academy. See the table below.

Total Entries Invalid Entries Plagiarized Content
76 7 0

Challenge S2W3 Scores. png
Scores Distribution

Challenge S2W3.png
Performance Distribution

From the performance image above, the very good scores category dominated with 33% followed by the good scores category with 32%. Out of the total entries, only 14% made it to the excellent realm, average articles covered 4% while below-average articles took a space of 8%. Invalid entries occupied 9% of the total entries received.


Top 3 Users for the Week

We have chosen the top 3 articles in the community, these articles were selected based on merits and their engagement with other users. In essence, excellent performance in terms of scores is the first criteria for selection followed by their interaction with other participants' entries.

We encourage users to work more on making quality content to make it to the excellent category and those with these high scores should interact with as many articles as possible. See the table below for the selection of top users in the order of their interaction with other participants.

Ranking Username Article
1 @rubilu123 Link
2 @xkool24 Link
3 @jueco Link


We sincerely appreciate the users that participated in the 3rd week of season 3 and we would like to urge everyone to ensure their articles stand out having properly understood the contest theme. A new contest is running already, check the pinned article in the community to learn more and do well to participate in it. We look forward to your wonderful entries. Thank you.



 last year 

Oh My God, I can't believe my eyes, I'm so glad that I emerged as one of the top3 participants.

Thank you very much @crypto-academy for this honourable mention.
#steem-on 💙

Your post was upvoted and resteemed on @crypto.defrag

 last year 

Thank you very much I feel honoured.
This is big motivation to me as I will try my best to comepete for this weeks price. Thank you once again🙏😊.

 last year (edited)

After a score of 8 and dropping meaningful comments on all posts, I still could not make the top 3 winners. It is well o.

What's even this secret of winning here?

Congratulations to the winners.

 last year 

@tamighty, You cannot be biased because you weren't selected. I wasn't selected but the best we could do is to congratulate the winners than this demoralizing comments from you.

Both criteria should be considered unless you're saying a plagiarized content or low quality post should be made winner just because of high engagements. Both parameters should be seen to work hand in hand.

Thank you...
Congratulations to all top winners.
I'm coming for the tops this week 4😊.

 last year 

Check my post if it is of low quality to you.

These selection is made by people like you and I. They can be biased for reasons best known to them.

 last year 

Selection would definitely be made by humans but you don't have to accuse them wrongly just because it didn't go your side. You're neither the best amongst all that were not selected.

No matter your reason, you're wrong for putting up this distractive comment. Hundreds of users also want to be tops like you. Just because they didn't select us, they are biased, but if we are selected, they are not. Bad Judgement; everyone cannot be selected please.

Do have a great day.

 last year (edited)

I sincerely don't know why you have taken this upon yourself. You didn't even make a comment on the post, it's myself you came to attack. Did you see me in your dream?

How many post did you even comment to want to be among the winners? Please stop because I don't have anything again you. It is not your fight please!!!

 last year 

Thank you @crypto-academy, for the noble mention. For your process of selection which is quality content and quality engagements, I think that was relatively transparent.

Congratulations to all top 3 winners.
Hope to produce quality entry and engagement for in week4.

Excelente informe, una relación muy detallada de lo que fue la semana, esperemos que en esta nueva oportunidad se presenten muchas más participaciones,


Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

 last year 

Congratulations 👏🎉 to all this three winners 🏆. You guys did a great job. I hope you guys continue with this spirit

 last year 

A big congratulations to all the winner's..

 last year 

I got 8/10 for my article, but I didn't receive an upvote. Is there any issue with this? Not only me but also I saw some other participants' posts also look the same. Please clarify this.

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