Saludos señor le envío mi tarea para que por favor la revise gacias de antemano tarea5

Sir I also submitted my post 3 days ago..but it's still not reviewed ..
And many post that was posted later are reviewed. I think mine is left.. have a look prof..
Thank you...

 3 years ago (edited)

Bendiciones para usted señor para que revise mi tarea lección 5 gracias de antemano. Saludos

Tarea leccion 5

Hola profesor mi tarea tiene 4 días.

 3 years ago 

Profe! No me olvide por favor! mi tarea tiene 3 días! espero su revisión! Saludos cordiales para ud!!

Good day Professor. My task was verified 5days but haven't been curated. It will payout in less than 24 hours. Please Sir, kindly do something about this. I'm about to lose my mark. Thank you Professor.

Ok my friend, thanks for your attention.

Greetings my friend @besticofinder.

My participation is about to expire, I hope you can give me your appreciation of my work.

Hola profe @besticofinder allí le voy a dejar el link de mi tarea nr.5 para que por favor me la revise. Gracias y que tenga una bendecida noche.

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