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Hello wonderful people, how are you today? I hope you're having a fantastic week. I'm ecstatic to be a part of this unforgettable lecture. In this article, I'll share my experience with JustSwap

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Question 1.

1 Present the Just Swap platform in your own way, demonstrating its importance within the Tron ecosystem blockchain.

Simply said, JustSwap is a TRON-based trading system designed particularly for TRC-20 token auctions. It is a major DeFi framework developed upon that tron service that connects customers a clear answer to crypto-related funding difficulties. The goal of developing that network was to delve towards distributed financial and therefore provide additional alternatives among Tron Blockchain users. The basic goal of that kind of DEX seems to be to build a mechanism for trading TRC-20 commodities via TRX. It employs the Autonomous stability generator system, in which individuals secure the profits in order to offer volatility for other users to exchange among TRC 20 coins. Because they conduct transfers among any combination the TRC-20 tokens entirely depending on system pricing, such sort of technology truly assures absolute decentralization as well as privacy.

Consumers may simply exchange tokens without queuing for something like them order list. Users would find it far comfort to trade as well as execute trades with Just Swap if people link the wallet towards the system's interface. Several operations take place on justswap without such assistance unbiased observer, and consumers possess complete authority over the platform, making it just a distributed marketplace. It is indeed a modular trading platform that is able to spearhead TRON's arrival into the DeFI industry since its inception.

Justswap's Importance on the Tron Blockchain :

Justswap becomes highly essential for Tron ecosystem since it offers consumers with limitless flexibility. Just Swap gives convenient the opportunity to make money by supplying stability. Consumers may receive revenue as from system's executed service charges. Another of the benefits of Just Swap would be that it enables the transaction as well as being secure distributed and decentralized nature; this also enhances the quality of such assets by increasing volatility. All of that is "administered" via blockchain networks mechanism, that remove mediators and improve the system, allowing it to be completed rather more quickly, practically instantly. Further distinctive qualities of this system include limitless stability and endless volatility to dealers as well as programs. When opposed to a regulated market, simply swapping operations generally quick and convenient, and they have been executed with such a modest trade cost.


Question 2

What tokens does JustSwap support trading? How is the price of a JustSwap token determined (how it works)? Use an illustration to explain it. (screenshot required)

I'll discuss the coins that the JustSwap marketplace accepts for swapping. There are indeed nonstable and stable cryptocurrencies involved. I'll show you some images from the website to demonstrate this. TRX, USDC, SUN, SUNOLD, NFT, BTC, WBTC, ETH, WITH, WBTT, WTRX, JST, WIN, DICE, LIVE, USDT, USDJ, TUSD, LTC & HT are some of the tokens available.




How is price determined

I'll demonstrate this using the demand and supply technique, which is the most accurate way to calculate the price elasticity of Justswap, as well as the equation which is X•Y=K.

X= identify the token's significant price hike

Y= Discern that the token's price fluctuates dramatically.

Constant is represented by K=K.


Transaction charges are a 0.3 percent incentive for liquidity providers, and they are set to be implemented via a system in which all transfer costs are gathered and then dispersed amongst investors.

Whenever anyone begins to purchase more, such liquidity pools would cost them extra, and then when you begin to sell, this liquidity pool will cost them lesser. That's how traders profit: people receive a reward on each and every purchase done via the Pools. Its cost is determined by Supply and Demand; if demand for certain coins grows, so then would the cost, and inversely.


Question 3.

How do I connect my wallet to JustSwap.io? Is there a mobile app? (Screenshots needed).

I first went to the JustSwap web and got the interface like that. You can see in below screenshot.


Then I clicked the button in the upper left corner to link the wallet area.


After clicking that, I went to the Chrome Web Store page and looked for the TronLink extension. A little window opened, asking me to link my wallet to JustSwap.io.


Then, after clicking the connect option, I was able to successfully link my wallet to JustSwap.io, as shown in the screenshot below.


Mobile Application of TronLink :

Yes there is a mobile application of TronLink available on Play Store. Tron Link is the feature that allows us to utilize Just Swap with that as well, users might different features. Tron Link is the app to be used with Just Swap, we may utilise Swap, Pool, and other features. There's also a discover feature, which enables user to access numerous Dapps. You can also search for JustSwap in the DApp App search box, and by pressing the Just Swap button, the user will be authenticated to their wallet.

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-07 at 10.56.11 PM.jpeg


Question 4

Include a real example of your interaction with Just Swap, demonstrate how you can trade on the platform. (screenshots required)

In this part, I'll teach you how to use the JustSwap decentralized exchange to trade one TRC-20 for another. To interface with the network, I will be utilizing the TronLink Pro wallet on my smartphone. The procedures are outlined here.

  • My wallet is now linked to JustSwap. TRX and USDT are also the TRC-20 tokens I'll be swapping on the swap platform. TRX will be exchanged into USDT.

  • Now that I've chosen TRX as the first coin, I'll select the next token by clicking on Select token. USDT was my choice. Take a look at the images here.



  • Now that I've chosen the coins, I've entered the quantity. I'm exchanging 5 TRX for about 0.48 USDT. Then I pressed the Swap button and verified the swap. Please see the images here.


  • I eventually verified the purchase by entering my passcode on next screen. Just see the image below.


  • The purchase went fine. as shown in the illustration



Question 5.

How to Add Liquidity on JustSwap.

In this section of the work, we will discuss how to increase liquidity to the existing liquidity pool on JustSwap. To access the DEX, I will also use my TronLink Pro mobile wallet. Let's have a look at some of the stages required.

  • I went to pool and selected on Add Liquidity on the JustSwap main page.



  • It's essential to enter the number of tokens I'll be giving so I added some more TRX in my wallet just to attempt this transaction. Knowing that we have to provide our asset 50/50, I input 5 USDT and 52 trx TRX for a total of 5 USDT and 52 trx TRX. Then I pressed the Supply button to authenticate the delivery. Kindly see the images here.



  • On the following screen, I eventually verified the transaction by entering my passcode, and the process was completed successfully. Kindly see the images here.


  • Let's take a closer look at the liquidity I added and the 68USDT-TRX LP coin I got by delivering my commodities. To gain extra, the obtained LP coins can be staked on the JustSwap Liquidity Mining platform.




JustSwap would be a TRON-based trading platform that is specifically intended for TRC-20 token auctioned. It is indeed a large Defi system that is based on the Tron service that provides consumers with a clear solution to crypto-related funding issues. JUST SWAP system, as either a public blockchain built upon that Tron Blockchain environment, has had a positive influence just on the system by giving the best market prices, commissions, as well as exchange costs to its customers. While conducting trade with JustSwap, we generally require that you should have minimal exchange charges and therefore that they provide us with advantages. It increases profitability to the pool, which may be utilized to generate more revenues. Having large amounts with this token secured, the Tron ecosystem provides quick accessibility for investors at competitive rates and is the least expensive. It must be based upon that TRON network and therefore is anonymous.


cc : @kouba01

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Hello @bassamjamal,
Thank you for participating in the 5th Week Crypto Course in its 4th season and for your efforts to complete the suggested tasks, you deserve a Total|5/10 rating, according to the following scale:

OriginalityCompliance with topicConsistency of methodQuality of analysisClarity of structure & language

My review :

Generally medium work in which you succeeded in answering some questions and did not delve into other answers.

  • Explanation of the JustSwap platform and its importance in the Tron ecosystem lacks depth of analysis, causing the answer to lose its critical dimension.

  • In determining the price of the JustSwap token, you are asked to provide your own illustration to explain it.

  • You should have explained how to use the platform on the mobile version.

Thanks again for your effort, and we look forward to reading your next work.

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