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Hello friends I am on Ashutosh Kumar by the name of @ashubaba01 and I have come after a long time to participate in steemitcryptoAcademy. I hope you enjoy it. So let's start my today's task.


what is blockchain bridge?

A blockchain bridge is a protocol that enables two blockchains to work together. Before understanding Blockchain Bridge, first of all we need to know what is Blockchain. Bitcoin and Ethereum are one of the few major blockchains that operate on their own consensus protocols and programming languages with their own rule systems. And the meaning of bridge, you all know what it means. Bridge means a thing that binds two things, a thing that connects two things with each other. Similarly, a blockchain bridge is a protocol that connects blockchains with different technologies. So that the work and interaction between them can be simplified.

Nessesity of bridge in blockchain

As the blockchain evolved and expanded, many of the blockchain's limitations over time reduced the ability of the different blockchains to work together with some important limitations. Every blockchain has its own rules and things like tokens and protocols. Blockchain Brijesh proves to be helpful in breaking these years apart and can bring two customs to work together. Blockchain is a network that is interconnected. It can allow tow palval data to work together smoothly may be allowed to exchange. In addition to transferring different works in blockchain, blockchain bridges has many advantages.

Benefits of blockchain bridge

Blockchain bridges can communicate between their respective blockchains as well as blockchains of the exact opposite technology. The most important advantage of a blockchain bridge is its ability to enable and improve operability. Blockchain bridges enable the act of exchanging data and tokens across a different different blockchains. Even if it is between different layers of protocols or different sidechains.

Improving scalability is also a great advantage and benefit of Blockchain Bridge. Multiple blockchain bridges can handle large transactions while improving efficiency. Communication and transaction of anything in different technologies have been possible because of the blockchain bridge. Usually the cross chain bridge is used only for the transfer of tokens but the truth is that it can be done in many ways. This can be done to convert smart contracts.

How blockchain Bridge works?

To better understand the working of Blockchain Bridge, we will go through two Blockchains. Let's say we have two blockchains Blockchain X and Blockchain Y.

When we need to transfer a top token from Blockchain X to Blockchain Y, So a bridge will be created which will block the token on Blockchain X. This bridge will not actually transfer the tokens. Rather, it puts a token separately on the other blockchain. In this way the number of tokens exchanged remains constant and accurate and divides the two blockchains equally.

Let us understand in another way also. If there are 25 tokens in Blockchain X and we transferred 5 tokens to Blockchain Y then Blockchain Y will still have 25 tokens, But five tokens will be blocked and in the second place Blockchain Y will have five more tokens separately.

The owner of the token can redeem the token anytime and anywhere from Blockchain Y. He can either burn or eliminate tokens from Blockchain Y or unlock or release tokens from Blockchain X.

Types of blockchain bridges

By the way, the Block China Bridge has only one function. To allow transfer of any Dokania object to blockchains with different technologies and blockchains with different protocols. However, looking at the functioning of blockchains, they are divided into two parts, which we will discuss below.


Trusted Blockchain Polls are a centralized poll that performs the transaction of tokens by any intermediary. Users in Trusted Polo hand over their tokens or funds or their data to the Bridge Operator and the entire responsibility rests with the Operator. The manner in which the account holder hands over his money to the account bank.

Trusted bridges play a vital role in allowing cross chain exchanges Because only these Trusted Bridges verify the transactions. However, a new bridge in London is not so good at not being able to find out the details of fraud or any fraud or any cyber attack. If you rely on a centralized bridge, then your assets have to be compromised. From this it can be concluded that these centralized are not very secure.

Example -

  • Binance Bridge
  • Polygon POS Bridge
  • Avalanche Bridge


Trustless bridges are decentralized bridges which also do not depend on any centralized exchange. It either uses machine algorithms like smart technology to do girl data queries or for cross chain transactions. It works the way real life blockchain works.This is the reason why cryptography and smart contracts continue to rely on verification of execution of transactions. This is achieved by the bridge itself or by a smart contract.


XDEFI Wallet

  • Wormhole
  • Multichain

Limitations of blockchain bridges

Yes, blockchain bridge also has some limitations. Attackers try to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the blockchain bridge and have taken advantage in many places. Many people have misused crypto from Question Bridge. That too in huge quantities. Study Bali Bridge can warn users about the custody and issue a rule book about the rules. Centralized exchanges behind custodial bridges can also steal users' funds. That too the child theoretically. When choosing a custodial bridge, opt for trusted brand exchanges with a long track record.

Future of Blockchain bridge

The Internet is a revolutionary platform due to its high functionality. The bridge is needed to increase the interoperability in the blockchain. They have enabled many innovative ideas allowing users to do their cross exchange exchanges in multiple places. And many are able to exchange their assets between blockchain protocols. The number of blockchain bridges both uses and flowers have grown substantially.

As the Internet moves towards Web3, the need for a block chain will only increase. Even more efficiencies can be provided to new users in the future. Flower safety questions can also be dealt with in the future. And there can be solutions to solve the problems and also to solve the problems. Blockchain Bridge is the perfect tool for creating interoperable and open blockchains.


Lock change blocks have proved to be a gamechanger in China's path to success and development and may continue to do so. This cross China technology block gives limitless facilities to the users of blockchain. And also empowers them.

Hence the demand for more powerful and effective blockchain bridges is growing significantly. Right now it is not fully developed and is on the way of development. And expert opinion is very important for selecting a good crosschain exchange.



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Hey friend,

Trustless bridges are decentralized bridges which also do not depend on any centralized exchange. It either uses machine algorithms like smart technology to do girl data queries or for cross chain transactions.

As I have said before in my post, the Trustless Bridges are safest and most secured because it is not governed by any person or node. So therefore the user has 100% freedom and privacy on the platform.

Thank you very much for sharing, please you can check my own entry here

wishing you success

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