My digital success story

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Hello Every One I am ahmeee, 24 belong to Pakistan in Asia as a Computer Student.

Today I Would like to share my digital success story here.

I was study as a Student in Punjab Collage. I belong to a poor family, I have paid for my own eduction. I have struggled enough for the eduction fees and all.I was very good in online research and i have many ideas to make money online. So I wanted to be a mentor of those who are struggling to make money online.

I have many making ideas. So eventually I have started my blog so that I can help other peoples:
Initially it was a very slow start but eventually I started getting 50-100 visit everyday.

Later I have started my YouTube Channel:
....It was the major break throught in my life. I have achieved 2.5k subscriber in just 6 months.

I have learned many new things like Expert-SEO, Andriod, Crypto Mining, Digital marketing and taught my subscribers. I felt like I have a personal connection in between me and my subscribers. They message me, tweet me, comment and i replied them back. I enjoy it a lot.

I have a 8-2 collage schedule. After collage I go for acedemy then I prepare dinner for my self then next schedule is prepare the collage work...After prepared my collage then next schedule is to post video on YouTube and write a post for my website. It become a regular part of life.

Let's talk about my earning... well I earn 600-1500 USD every month from all my digital activity...
(Earning decreased because my Adsense account is suspended)

Here I come on Steemit to create useful post to help others...Hope It helps.

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