Children's stories and shady apple trees

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On this occasion I made a fairy tale that we often tell when the children are going to sleep, enjoy and read. There was a very big and lush apple tree. The fruit is plentiful, sweet and red. Even small children enjoy playing around the tree. However, as he got older, the little boy no longer played around the tree. The Apple Tree was sad.

One day, the little boy who had grown into a teenager came to the Apple Tree. "Hey, come here and play around me," said the Apple Tree. "I didn't have time to play. I was starving and had no money. "I don't know what to do," said the child. "Then, just take all my fruit to sell at the market," offered the Apple Tree. The child was very happy, took all the apple trees, and sold them until he could get money.

After a long time, the child did not come again and made the apple tree lonely. However, several years later, the child returned, and the apple tree was very happy and invited him to play around him again. "I don't have time to play, my house was destroyed by fire, and my wife and children and I don't have a home anymore," said the child sadly. "Then, just cut off my branch to make your house," said the Apple Tree. The child was extremely happy and immediately cut off the tree trunk, leaving only a few of the trunk and roots.

For years the child did not return. The Apple Tree really felt lonely. However, when the child came, his face was old and his body was bent. “What else do you need? I don't have anything anymore. My fruit is gone, you have cut down my stem. "I only have roots now," said the Apple Tree. “I only need it as a resting place for my eternal residence. "I chose this place near you because you are my best friend," said the child.

At the end of this fairy tale, the child, who had become a grandfather, died and was buried near the apple tree that he liked and loved. I hope this story will cheer you up. Thank you very much for your attention.


It would be helpful if you separate the story from what you announce or talk about.

Thank you for your visit and attention

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