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My 6-year-old sister is learning to spell English words, and I'm 8-year- old boy, working on some math. Our mom, who works at a nearby government office, checks on us now and then to make sure we're studying. We like to play outside with mud and water, but we aren't allowed to. When Mom comes back, we'll have to remember what we learned today.

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Sometimes, my sister looks at me like she wants to go out, but if I do, Mom will punish me because I'm the oldest. Our dad works at a government office far from home. He leaves early in the morning and comes back late at night because he's working overtime to support us. Mom doesn’t ask what we really want; her main goal is to give us a good education. It's understandable from her perspective, but we think it's unfair.

To get into a top school in our country, we need to score very high on the Grade 5 scholarship exam. Anyone, rich or poor, can attend these famous schools if they do well on the exam. So, all parents here push their kids to prepare hard for this test. It's called the "mother's examination" because moms work tirelessly to get their children into a good school.

I'm sorry to notice that my sister is yawning and moving about. My parents are like robots, with no sympathy for us. We just got home from school and now have to get ready for our extra class. In a few minutes, Mom will come and check if we've done all our lessons properly. She then gives us our meal and promptly takes us to our additional class, where we will learn more for our grade 5 exam.

While I was thinking about our lifestyle, I saw our mother coming. I told my sister that Mom was coming, and we quickly focused on our studies to avoid getting punished.

When Mom arrived, she helped my sister with her English spelling and checked my math. Happy with our work, she hurried to the kitchen to make our meals, reminding us to get ready for our extra class.

Before we finished dressing, she arrived with our meal plate and fed us, urging us to hurry. As my mother encouraged us to hurry, my sister and I swallowed our meals fast. Then she accompanied us to our extra classes and instructed us to wait until she picked up us. My sister and I were in a bad mood since we didn't have time to play after class because our mother always arrived on time to pick us up.

Thank you for reading my post.



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Thanks for the support.

It sounds like s punishment.

I agree with the children: it's unfair ;-)) And most of us have experienced it like this or similar...

Parentally, it is right, but for children, it is unjust. Thank you for sharing such encouraging remarks.

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So harsh on young kids! This is more or less everywhere, especially in developing countries. It's kind of rat race everyone starts running from their childhood.

Yes, poor children; parents are trying to climb up where they cannot through their children. Thank you for reading and replying.

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