Swallow the bitter sweet to share

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The bitterness of life is sometimes like swallowing a bitter pill that makes the tongue want to spit the esophagus feels sticky and dry, the throat is dry as if full of thorns Still I will swallow the bitter even though it hurts so that later I can feel the sweet pleasure even though the sweetness is only a sip.


The sweet moments in life can only be appreciated while the bitter moments we still have to face in order to know the meaning in life, come here my friend I will tell you a story, that if you want to hear it, save it first, your anxiety and worry about things that have passed.

In life bitter and sweet are like spices in feelings to complement each other, do not hesitate to swallow the bitter and share the sweet, you are sad to feel the sadness and do not need to be told to others. Share the sweet, because such a way will knit the existing brotherhood.

most of us can't taste the sweetness if we've never known how bitter it is, this is a process that we have to go through in life, the various problems we have to face will be a test of life that we have to go through, hard, happy, difficult, easy is a nature that we have to accept in life.

Life also teaches us that the journey of life is always changing and various flavors and situations every step of the way there will be obstacles and obstacles Do not be fixated and stunned by circumstances, bitter and sweet are facts that we still live to organize life in the future.

Being better does not mean comparing with others. we already have our own measure, but don't let that measure backfire on us. Organizing ourselves to be successful is a process that can make us happy.

Because the past is a memory that starts from a time that has passed, today's smile is a process of bitterness in the past, make all the momentum for life lessons so that we can take the lessons.


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