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For the past 20 minutes, I've been staring at the screen, deeply pondering who Huzaifa Naveed truly is. I think one sentence that really describes me is:

Jack of all trades is a master of none

.....but oftentimes better than a master of one

My life is spread across many different sectors, and I enjoy being the 'busy guy.' It gives me the much-needed adrenaline rush to get me through the day.
People usually introduce themselves through their profession, but tonight, I'll start by telling you who I am as a person.

I love cats. I absolutely adore cats and as a matter of fact all stray animals that live outside my house. Once, I had 19 pet cats at my place with an ultimatum from my dad that either I'm moving out of the house or either these cats are. I can't talk about or be at one place for a long time. My life is kinda chaotic. In this post I'll be a 100% myself so if you see me drifting from one topic to another, please don't mind ;-))

If I had to describe myself in a single word, it would be; adrenaline. I am an extremely daring person, even in situations where daring should be the last resort. For instance, not long ago, I was being robbed at gunpoint. In an adrenaline rush, I grabbed the thief's hands and refused to give him anything. He ended up running away.

Since childhood I've been very sporty. I play alot of sports and excel at two of them; Football and cricket. I was the cricket team captain of my University's cricket team for 2 years, before I handed it over to another deserving young man. The cover picture of this post is actually one of the shots clicked recently from a cricket match. (We won that tournament)

Now coming to the part of me that I look forward to everyday and something that I truly enjoy doing; traveling. God didn't create me to be born, live and die at the same place, is what I believe in. It's my dream to travel the whole world someday and each passing day I work on achieving my goal.

Pakistan is truly heaven on earth. There are hardly any countries in the world that provide you with all the sceneries in a single place. Well Pakistan does. From the ocean in the South to the Hindu Kush, Himalayan, and K2 ranges in the north. In this short life that I have lived, I have almost travelled entire Pakistan. If you're reading this post and you're double minded on visiting Pakistan, this is your sign. You HAVE to visit this place atleast once in your life. I promise you won't be disappointed. And yes, of course I'd love to host you.



Talking about my profession, alot of you might have an idea that I'm a dentist but do you guys know I never wanted to be a dentist? Infact I never considered dentists as real doctors. Back in 2019, I was sitting in the department of Periodontology waiting for my turn to get my scaling done. My ekder brother who's also a dentist used to be a student at that time. I was sitting with his friends and one of them casually asked me what are my aims for the future? I replied that I'm looking forward to getting enrolled in the MBBS program and she replied 'well BDS (Bachelors of Dental Surgery) isn't too bad either.' 'Eww, who wants to be a dentist?' I replied, 'Even if I had an option of becoming a dentist I wouldn't choose it.

I didn't get into MBBS in Pakistan that year and I applied for Germany. I got admission in a university in Leipzig and by the time I was preparing for Studienkolleg, the world was struck with covid and all my plans vanished into thin air. Well... 5 years later, here I am, a qualified dentist.

Let's talk about my Steemit journey. I joined Steemit back in April 2021. It has been one heck of a journey on Steemit. In just 8 months, I managed to secure the 'Best author on Steemit' in 2021. I've always tried to stay honest on this platform. Giving honest opinions, writing honestly and taking criticisms honestly. My blogs are the proof of my work. After taking a short break from this platform, I rejoined it recently and here I am. Off and running.


well, this is it I guess. Wasn't really the introduction I had in mind, but that's all I could remember about myself at the moment. Thank you @weisser-rabe and @soulfuldreamer for introducing me to this community. I'll try to post good content in this community.

oh and the number 8 on my shirt? It's due to my favorite football player, Toni Kroos.

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Welcome ;-))

A cool debut! Thank you ;-))

Danke schön

Cats? CATS???


I once wanted to be a dentist and even enrolled in FMIC. But then I had a change of heart!

A pretty nice intro!

Keep rolling 🛼🎢

Why did you have a change of heart?

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In most cases, you don't get what you really want unless you deny everything else that comes as an alternative or find a way to change your career at a later stage. I always wanted to be a photographer and traveler, but I had to struggle hard to get it, even if partially.

Being a traveler has been one of my dreams. It just fascinates beyond words to travel, meet new people all over the world and live a nomadic life :))


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Nice entry brother

Thank you Kyrie

You can tell that he has done a great job, that he continues to triumph in his life and in Steemit

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