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Whenever someone asks about my introduction, I go like...

I am Hira. I like books. I do nothing interesting. (I am an impostor - I can recall some achievements but that's bragging). That's all. Thank you.

I tried writing my introduction twice on Steemit but that feels like an eternity. I feel I didn't do it right then, besides I've evolved so much as a person that a re-introduction (an update) has become inevitable. I partly blame the compulsion to do so on my good old friend, weisser-rabe's who-is-who contest/initiative.

Before you drift away from this unintentional blabbing - allow me to tell you who is event-horizon in more detail. (As if I am an interesting personality...😏)

In an astronomical context, the event horizon is an invisible boundary around a black hole, beyond which 'escape velocity' surpasses the speed of light which means it's a 'point of no return' as the speed of light is the cosmic speed limit.

I am a space geek and although not sure, most likely, the movie Interstellar was on my mind when I was registering for Steemit.

On several occasions, I have cursed myself for choosing a weird username, but with time it grew on me and it has become my identity now.

So, Steem's event-horizon is in her early thirties now (no, the time didn't dilate for me 😅). She doesn't live on the outskirts of a black hole but in a beautiful Earthian country, Pakistan. Let's hear her out...

When all my friends were applying for medical schools, I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant (no clue why) but somehow, I ended up in an engineering university, studying Computer Science. I immediately fell in love with the world of coding - from the adrenaline rush of running a successful Quick Sort to working on Semantic Web when the concept was still new - I learned a lot. It is my dream to pursue a Master's degree from MIT but it seems impossible under my current responsibilities.

Furthermore, my mom-brain has now taken over my logical brain cells but I dearly miss problem-solving, designing algorithms, and writing codes. I satisfy my cravings by reading up on the work of Steem developers nowadays but I feel I have lagged behind a lot in this ever-evolving field.

I chose to be a stay-at-home mom, so I've always taken up light and flexible online gigs. Later in life, I found my passion in writing - since then CS has been a history, anyway.

I think that's enough for my educational background and sporadic work life. Let's switch to my other passions and leisure activities.

I love collecting and reading fictional books in English. My recent purchase is an Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros. I'm guilty of reading Urdu very less because I'm more inclined towards fantasy fiction which is hardly written by any Urdu author. Although, some of the life-changing and the most thought-provoking fiction books that I've read are written in Urdu. This year, I promised myself to read more in my native language.

Since kids, I don't watch much TV except for a casual bedtime episode of some sitcom with my husband, like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Ranch.

Most of my day is spent running after my kids. One loves to talk and the other wants to play all the time.

I am fond of visiting new places that hold history and are culturally rich. I wish to visit Baluchistan someday. There are some foreign countries on my bucket list too. But the expense of traveling from Pakistan has only allowed me to visit Turkey yet. If I get money today, I'd catch the first plane I can to the Middle East or Europe.

Coming to my Steem journey... Before Steem, I had never heard of blockchain and only some bits and pieces about Bitcoin. I got to know about this blockchain through a random Facebook group in 2018. I was sure it was just another form of scam but my curiosity led me to register an account which took 5 days. It's been six years now on Steem and I have remained active at least half the time. My Steem growth had been exponential after the first few months of trial and error. I had been a diligent moderator in Steem Women's Club, Steemit Pakistan, Steem Kids (sadly the first two communities were disbanded) - a Greeter in the Newcomers' Community - a Country Representative - a Community Curator for the first six months straight - ran Engagement Challenges for multiple communities at the same time - Fought against abusers all the while.

Whooshh... I have done a lot. People used to ask me how could I possibly handle so many tasks simultaneously. I guess you only need to be passionate about something to pull it off.

I took a break last year when I burned out, it wasn't a break actually, I thought I'd never come back again. Although, I didn't power down for months because it turned out to be the hardest decision. Just when I got the courage and was done with the deed, I felt the loss. It's funny because in reality, I had all the liquid assets in hand after years.

I'm back now, all credit goes to my friends. There are days when I feel optimistic and think about bringing back my steem. Maybe one day... I just need that passion back.


Picking cherries and not posing - Hunza '23

I still think I didn't do it right. Maybe that's how you feel about introductions always, no matter the number of attempts.


oh no, no my friend
I think you are already known by every user on Steemit, there is no need to doubt your existence on Steem, especially me, I have known you for a long time since we were together in the newcomer community, and your break does not make me forget. it's just that I didn't say welcome back to steem

Knowing you and working with you has been an honour. I don't know how things are done in Newcomers' now but our small close-knitted team did amazing job in welcoming new talent and fighting abuse.

This post isn't meant to prove something. It's just a community thing which I found interesting. I wasn't expecting any welcome parties or even hellos. For me, engaging with you all is more than enough, be it occasionally.

P.S. How's Ramadan treating you? Done with Eid preps?

When i joined steemit you were my first favourite author. I ended up reading all your posts when you left steemit, like what a dear loss it was to our community.

And i so miss event-horizon of steemit pakistan, running contests, and making sure everybody engage on each other's posts.

What a short dear time it was, glad you didn't leave it all together like vvarishay:(

I'm guilty of reading Urdu very less because I'm more inclined towards fantasy fiction which is hardly written by any Urdu author.

I wonder if you read Halim by Nemrah Ahmed, i think you will like it:)

I'm humbled by your words. This generous appreciation and acknowledgement means a lot to me. I dearly miss Steemit Pakistan and supporting and engaging with talented users like you.

I wouldn't have left it altogether if it weren't for lifelong friends I made here.

I haven't read Halim - only Jannat kay Pattay by her. Will try to get it.

Clearly not me thinking about your trip to Turkey inspired by jannat kay pattay👧

I couldn't stop reffering back to the book while visiting Buyukada Island (was unconsciously looking for Abdul-ur-Rehman Pasha's mansion) and that infamous red train... every time I took a ride on it, Haya's words echoed in my mind.

Oh a fan moment🎊🎊🎊

I'm sure you were intelligent enough to not wear red heels on train.
Because jehan would only give his shoes in fiction books😃

A trip to Turkey is a dream of every Pakistani girl, if you know you know❤

Haha...I only pack a pair of joggers and slippers on vacations. Not a heel-person anyways. 😅

Nimra Ahmed wrote a master piece.

You're smart😁

Now waiting for you to read Namal or Halim🙆

I've heard mixed reviews about 'Namal'. What are your thoughts on it?

I don't watch much TV except for a casual bedtime episode of some sitcom with my husband, like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Ranch

How are you liking The Ranch? I hope it's recommended by someone with very good taste! 😉

Jokes aside, you have expressed yourself just the way I know you. I won't comment much about your introduction post here, because you'll see the response yourself. One thing I truly admire about you, or in any person, is genuineness. The rest is always evolving, and I like what I see in you.

P.S: I also have a picture like yours - but I won't share, it's becoming a cliche now ;) you look beautiful as always!

How are you liking The Ranch

Watched an episode last night after like a month. Loving it so far. Thanks for the recommendation. 😀

One thing I truly admire about you, or in any person, is genuineness.

میں تو کھلی کتاب ہوں۔ 😅

I also have a picture like yours

Who doesn't? It is a cliché. 😅

It's not me, you have a beautiful heart.

 2 months ago 

Good afternoon, madam. Let's get to know each other 🤣 .

I was actually a little shocked when I saw the title of the post🤔. I well remember the times when you were very active and actually being one of the pillars on which the whole community was held. I'm glad we didn't lose you, I'm really glad.

Let's get to know each other 🤣


You shouldn't be surprised. I was inspired by yours. I think it's good to update the intro after every few years. 😅

when you were very active and actually being one of the pillars on which the whole community was held.

Now you are doing the same, perhaps much more. 🙂

I'm glad we didn't lose you,

How could you when people like you on Steem and Maan from my personal life kept pushing me to come back. I owe you guys big time because I'm enjoying it again.

It's a great compliment that you think our little Community is the right place to introduce yourself to all those who don't know you yet. It is an honour!

Of course, I am very happy to include your contribution in our "Who is who?": naturally in the hope of being able to read you here more often ;-))

And by the way, Maan is simply right: you look beautiful ;-))

I wouldn't have thought of introducing myself again if I hadn't come across "Who is who?" I found the idea very interesting. Since you are including this post in the catalogue, it will keep reminding me to contribute to this beautiful community more often. 🙂

Maan is simply right: you look beautiful;-))

Thank you. You both are being generous.


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