How did you choose your username?

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Good day dear steemians, how is your day going? and I trust you all are doing well. I welcome you to my blog, today is another day to participate in this amazing contest, I understand you are ready to know what inspire me to choose my username, well read along as I will open this mystery box of thoughts.

What are my usernames and what made me choose them?

Well, you must know that I have a lot of names, the ones I got from people and also ones I originate myself, don't rush over it, I know you are eager to know all, but stay calm, moreover, these names are:

  • Malachy Jnr
  • Eddiemalachy
  • Eddy Boy
  • Edivin
    There are not much though, and you may be wondering how I get to bear all these names, you must all be lucky cause I don't keep people on wonderland for too long, so am gonna spill it right away, then let's get on with its history

Malachy Jnr

There nothing much about this one, well like we all know, most people are called by their father's name and I'm lucky to be included, in all my names Malachy sound sweet when calling it, a lot of times, people do mistake it to Malachi, however this is how I got this one, indeed I am a Malachy's junior.


Here is the most popular name people are familiar with, almost everyone in my school calls me Eddiemalachy, these include one the names I originate myself, not the one people called me first with and it also one of the names I easily use on any app or media, like I said Malachy sound sweet and nice when calling it, so when creating this one, I didn't want it to be left out, of course my resl name is Edidiong Malachy, so all I did was to still keep Malachy Intact, then used Eddie which is the short name for Edidiong, also I personally made it a joint one for easy pronunciation and it is cool right?

Eddy Boy

This one here is a very special one, grew up hearing my mom call me this sweet name, in case you are wondering if it is my home name, NO, it is not, everyone at home calls me by my real name, so it only my mum that calls me Eddy Boy which is why I said that it is a special name for me.


This one here was also originated by me with so much history behind it, some of you are thinking were I got "Vin" from, Okay, my dad owns a Photography studio, before he got married, in accordance to what they told me, the name was Mediong photography, and after he got legally wedded his beautiful wife, he had a change of name, my mum's name is Mrs Lovina while my dad's till remain Mr Malachy, so he planned to partner with mum to promote the company, so which he propose for a change of name, and they came up with MALVIN PHOTOGRAPHY which is what still remains till date, Mal- from Malachy and Vin- from Lovina in case you still want me to spell it out, so this was it, since I have already pair my name with my dad, I decided to do a special one with my mum, which then I came up with Edi- Edidiong and Vin- Lovina which lead me the name EDIVIN

My username on this platform is @eddiemalachy

Screenshot from my achievement 1 post

How I choose the username for this platform and why?

If you have carefully read through, you will know that I have more than one name which I can pick from but why @eddiemalachy?

Sometime, I have myself always go through the same phase of not even knowing which name to use, cause all the names sound cool to me.

However, there is no much reason behind why I picked @eddiemalachy, just that it is my most used name on the media space and most other network and I would still always want to go with it cause I formed this one too. so this is how I choose and why I choose the username @eddiemalachy for the steemit platform.


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Good job! I know you and your name better now! But you must learn to distinguish between up and down. I hope you know what I mean!

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Welcome to Dream Steem! I wish you success and a really good time on the platform...

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