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RE: The Legend of Throatless Tom - Honouring Labour's Day

in Dream Steem2 months ago

... if only it were that simple.)
In reality, this young man would have had his head removed after his throat.
But that doesn't mean you shouldn't fight for your rights :)


Or he'll be thrown in jail and what happens in jail you know well:(

Here who protests either get abducted or tortured by the police (they choose whether to do it in the streets or in their drawing rooms)

That's the reality of life now and before. But we have to work for the future.

So true!

If only I could share details of some gruesome incidents that continue to happen even today... You wouldn't believe your eyes!

I don't live in a vacuum. There is virtually none of that in my country. But there are many places where terrible things happen.
They happen here too, but they are more the exception to the rule.

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