We should swallow a forbidden thing.

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Have you ever swallowed a forbidden thing? You won't become a sinner if you swallow it because it's allowed to gulp in but at the same time it's forbidden.
If it's forbidden then why it's preferable to swallow?

Can you guess what it is?

It is a feeling, a kind of energy, a fire burning inside a person.

We just need a channel to use this energy. Those who spit out this fire burn themselves and others with their volatile actions.



Controlling this energy distinguishes humans from animals. Animals follow their instincts while humans have the option to use their intellect

Those who show this energy to others, even when there is no fear of survival and injustice on the other end, are slapping their faces.

Maybe the following scenes would help you understand it:

Crime scene-1

I saw a teenager throwing a glass bottle freshly painted by her brother, on the floor in anger. The glass broke into numerous pieces everywhere in the house. No one said a word of shame or appreciation to her.

There was pin-drop silence and the culprit who originated the anger inside her was in his room. He had heard the clash.

She was doing right. They fought. He had pulled her hair so forcefully. She lost her mind. When she realized that she couldn't show her force to him, she broke two of the bottles he painted.



Her anger burst out, she didn't swallow her anger because recent science says it's bad for the health.

Was it unfair to break anyone's art piece? Absolutely not
He deserved that.

But why was she feeling shame afterward?

No one cleaned the mess she made. They pretended as if nothing had happened, her father was not home, and her mother was perceived to be a safe place to show tantrums.

At last, she had to get up to clean the floor from broken glass.

What would be more humiliating than showing your aggression and then cleaning your mess yourself?*

She felt sorry inside. She shouldn't have done this.

"Anger begins with madness, and ends in regret."
Ali ibn Abi Talib

Crime scene-2

I heard her screaming at her cousins who were talking loudly in the lounge while she was in the room, a bit unwell.

She said things that any decent person wouldn't say to anyone chit-chatting in their house. But she did. She wasn't decent maybe. They didn't know she was unwell.

One thing, only one thing from their talk blew her mind and she lost it. She taught them how to talk when at other's house, by shouting herself.



Such a poor and weak soul who didn't swallow her anger to extinguish it.

They left her house and went to their portion. Her parents weren't home.

She said those things in anger which she wanted to say to someone else early in that day.

She was angry at someone else but showed her anger at someone else.

Pathetic, isn't it?

She spent her whole day crying after realizing that she was very rude and insulting to them.

Why she couldn't communicate her feelings in a peaceful environment?

Now her heart was sinking while thinking about how to face them. Will they come again? Surely not.

And they didn't.

In the evening she went to their house and apologized for her behavior. They accepted her apology when she told them she was unwell.

After that she vomited twice, however, her heart was at peace

The anger faded. The burden of offending someone who didn't wrong her subsided.

But what about the humiliation and shame she felt while excusing them, can you imagine how big was it?

She wished badly that she had swallowed her anger that morning.

"A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret"
Ali ibn Abi Talib


Why do people lose their control when get angry?

  • People who aren't encouraged to share their feelings in a healthy environment in childhood suffer in the future while communicating. They suffer to deal with situations without getting angry.

  • People who expect too much from others go through this. These people often blame others for their problems. They prefer aggression over solving their problems.

  • Those people who see aggression around them often become aggressive too. Only those who break this cycle can improve their behavior.

  • Those who don't exercise feel it difficult to utilize the energy generated through anger.

  • Those who have no aim in life and don't learn new things get annoyed and angry very easily.

  • An angry person can't sleep well because his or her social life suffers. A person can't have a sound sleep after hurting others.

How did she learn to swallow her anger?

There are many things which you should do if you're also like the girl who used to get angry a lot in her teenage.

She started learning new things by reading self-help books and seeing spiritual YouTube channels.

Her favorites are Sandeep Maheshwari and Sadguru. They helped her a lot to understand her feelings and emotions.

She started solving her problems by expecting less from others.

She joined steemit to have an aim in her life and to do catharsis by writing.

CBT(cognitive behaviour therapy) did magic for her.


Solved many exercises for mental clarity

i may have shared these pictures before

Now if she gets angry she cries first, walks, and says the things which is inside her heart without the fear of the authority, without getting aggressive.

Of course, exceptions are always there.

But we should always communicate with our friends and family healthily. We must give our opinions and not let things pile up inside us so that others don't have to
know our evil side through our anger.


Communicating might help but anger started somewhere but can also be the result of abuse, medication, chemicals inhaled, hormone inbalance, an insuffience of vitamins and minerals and being ignored, not allowed being yourself. Animals do not struggle with this unless kept by humans.

An interesting topic, you wrote something good but my first thought was medication as I saw the nauseous emoji


You are right. There are multiple reasons behind anger, however, expressing your anger is entirely in your hands.

An interesting topic, you wrote something good but my first thought was medication as I saw the nauseous emoji

Thank you♥

Medication is not forbidden in every scenerio though.

No, it isn't that easy. If anger is caused by insufficients or an illness reason or 'in one owns hands' is no option.
Ask someone with a brain tumour or alzheimer's disease to be reasonable, autism or...

But i wasn't talking about anger caused by any disease.

It's about those people who think themselves superior to others. But in fact they are shallow and insecure from within and take anger's side to display them as strong entities.

Oh those types on the highway... If you ask me they are sick too 🤣

I consider myself lucky I hardly meet them. If I smile and wave.

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I feel that humans are the only species with all kinds of emotions and anger is one of them. Man can do anything under this state but frustration is even dangerous. I feel there is no reason to swallow their anger or frustration should look inside and find a solution.

Solutions can be found in the state of calmness. Once you lose the control you are left with regrets only.
However, we always have the option to improve our behaviours:)

 last month 

Yep, that's a nice suggestion that we can always improve our behavior but you did not tell us whether we should do it in the state of calmness or when under the grip of anger. But I agree we can do it and live a happy life 👍

but you did not tell us whether we should do it in the state of calmness or when under the grip of anger.

During calmness that prevails only after hitting your target audience (living being) when no one is watching you( in order to avoid producing alibis of the crime scene).

P.S: I am serious, lol.

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