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Mary Janet Ikendu was born in July 3 1972. Her parents were middle class farmer in the eastern part of Nigeria. In the early age of Mary, she was said to be very beautiful. People could point at her as an illustration of true beauty.

In 1987 when she turned 15 years, she was traveling with her parents to celebrate her birthday at a nearby town Onitcha where the tragic incident happened. Their vehicle lost control and ran into a still truck. Her parents lost their lives; Mary was the only survivor. Yes Mary survived the accident but she would not be normal anymore. Pieces of glasses from the broken wheel-screen had struck Mary, blinding her both eyes. It equally created patches of holes on her face, turning that beautiful face to a monstrous.

What Mary was seen doing every day ever since the incident was to sing dirges and cry herself to sleep. Passersby would hear her echoing voice as she sing loud into the night. Her caregivers could not stop her and nobody would convince her otherwise. She has lost purpose in life; She no longer saw meaning to life; she has lost herself. She begged to die only that she would not take her own life.

One evening as she sat quietly at the veranda she was greeted by a voice. That voice happened to be Ikenna Nwaosike. Ikenna had heard her severally as he pass by to visit his mother who lives nearby. Ikenna told her that she has a gift. That singular word amused Mary and at the same time enraged her. Was he there to mock her ? She thought. "I have lost everything " Mary said weeping. "Yes, you may have lost your eyes, but you have not lost your voice. I have only seen few people who are such gifted in the world."


Those words was all that Mary needed to turn her life around. She had only focused on her problems and have failed to see her potentials. She had a good voice and she can make a song. And more to that she is good at it. All the while unknown to her, she had been practicing emotional singing. The bad circumstances in her life has brought out the hidden part of Mary and had further trained her. She was not without; she did not lose it all; she still had wonderful prospect only that she could not see it. Yes she was blinded by an accident but her pain can blind her forever. Mary was faced with a choice to live on her pain or to live with her pain. Thank God for that choice she made!

In the days that goes by, Mary would sing but this time it would be to encourage people.
Mary Jane Ikendu did not become famous due to her refusal to go on stage. But she formulated and sang many christian songs in her local church. What Mary could not see in herself was seen by a stranger.


Bottom line.

  • Sometimes circumstances in life may seem overwhelming, it can even cloud your sense of reasoning. Do not think it is over! Look within, in most cases tuff times may just be preparatory ground and molding time. See your situation differently and find your strength in your pain. Let the pain propel you, not to take rash decisions but to see underlying potential to tap from.

  • In the world we see things in a hazy outlook. No one has the worst of life and no one has the best. Nobody is complete in all ramification. We want to be like other people because we envy the part of their life that they have projected.

  • It is not bad to go back to the part of our life where we once enjoyed, it is a good thing to do, but when dealing with the unchangeable, we must see part of the present that can be a permanent source of attraction and create lasting joy from there.



Thanks for this intriguing experience affecting Miss Mary Jane Ikenna that your post containes. It is a heart warming experience. Let's all those that thinks their own is finished be encouraged by this experience.

Joseph Agwu Ogbajie,

Thank you so much for reading and your comments

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