Spending time with pigeons

in Feathered Friends8 months ago

I try to write in this community because I love nature and I love them I love nature and I love nature's biodiversity.Anyway, I am coming home to the village after a long time today because I try to spend this day of the week at the village house.My grandfather takecare pigeons a long time ago and this pigeon takecare has become a tradition of our family because his father used to takecare pigeons before. My grandfather takecare pigeons now my father takecare pigeons and I also takecare pigeons at home.

Especially in the biodiversity of nature, we all have a special attraction towards pigeons because it is a bird of calm nature and very beautiful so I like it very much and we nurture it in our home.Ever since I went home to the village, my grandfather has shown me his hobby pigeons today and they are very beautiful. He bought them a few days ago and they are quite old today I took them in my arms and a different feeling was working inside me.
I spent a lot of time with my grandfather's pigeons this morning, fed them with my own hands and spent a lot of time with them, and I will remember the moment I spent with them at home in the village because I love the pigeons so much I do and come to them again and again for this.These pigeons are so calm in nature that they didn't bother me when I was feeding them. They ate and drank very nicely and finally I took care of them and liked them a lot.
Honestly, I had a great time this weekend, especially in the midst of nature, and I am quite happy in all respects to be able to spend time with nature's biodiversity and I think this mental refreshment will bring me back in the days to come Will cooperate in work.20200827_12370301.jpeg

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