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HI Feathered Friend Community,

As today is feathered friday ( thank you @melinda010100) I want to share some photos taken by myself in Costa Rica of a few very beautiful feathered friends.

The stunning female Tanager.
Female tanager costa rica.jpg

tanager from behind costa rica.jpg

The Roadside Hawk.

roadside hawk costa rica.jpg

The Maccaw
One interesting fact about the maccaws is that the male and female share the same colours - which is quite rare in the world of birds!

mccaw costa rica.jpg

two maccaws costa rica.jpg

All photos are taken with my Canon Powershot SX60 HS ( I love this camera! )

Wishing you all a wonderful day watching birds and hopefully taking some photos of them too!


Sally you're an amazing photographer. I've seen to you last two years.I must say you're an amazing.

thank you very much

So colourful these birds are! 😀

Thanks very much @nelinoeva x


Wow! Beautiful birds! Your camera does a very good job! That hawk looks majestic! Also cute little birds.

Funny how birds here are very drape and dull in colour and much smaller!

Nature is so wonderful!

thank you so much for your comment, you must have some pretty birds in Thailand! lol

Excellent photos of your incredible birds! These are a joy to see. Thanks for posting to #featheredfriends ❤️ !tip

thank you , its a pleasure to have such a lovely community to post to!


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Keep up the great work!


Marvelous birds!
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thanks for the delicious cake!

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