Ha, sounds like a community for me. I'll look it up tomorrow and join! That's a pretty bird, good photos!

Thanks! I think you will be the first member!

It seems I was the third, but that's ok. :)

😀 Nothing wrong with third! Thanks so much for joining #FeatheredFriends Community!

What a clear and beautiful light blue color in the feathers 😍

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They are beauties, even when they are shouting and being noisy!

Awesome shots, Melinda and how cool that Blue Jay is the first bird in the hive! I caught the convo between you and @brittandjosie, so I decided to see if I could get my crow to keep Mr. Jay and the ducks company... 😊

Happy Feathered Friends Friday, and !tip steem

It is there! Right at the top. I love it! ❤️

Hi sweet crow lady been to long , well that’s a lot of featheredfriday friends let’s hope it will Be a huge community

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Thanks Pix! 😘

I think you deserve some $trdo

I definitely appreciate it! Are you back?

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What a pretty bird @melinda010100 one of my favorites. 💕

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Their feathers are beautiful, aren't they?

Very beautiful

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Thank you! Beautiful and very noisy!

I love the color shot! We don't have them here. ; (

Wish you could come visit Wisconsin! You would love taking pictures of all our colorful birds.

I wish i could too! :)

What do you called this feathered bird 🐦? 😇

This is a Blue Jay. There are many different kinds of Jay's, but this is the only one that lives in my area.

I love the robin bird most 🙂🙂

Crows are my favorites!

Gorgeous shot of a beautiful bird! We have scrub jays and Stellar's jays here, but not these guys. It's so much fun to see birds in other parts of the country.

I agree! And birds from around the world that I never even knew existed!

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I went back and put the hive-106444 tag on my feathered friends post.

Thanks for that, but I think it has to be the first tag for it to work. And first tags can't be changed. I don't think we will need to use the number in the future when it is all up and running.

I'm posting from communities been testing it too!
I have my own personal one here. I love the idea of Feathered Friends so cute lol I subscribed. I'm going to bring the #commentraid most likely over here. Communities is great!

Thanks QA!😘 I love that you joined Feathered Friends! I looked at your community, but it appeared to be private! 😉 I am quite excited about communities and SMTs and everything that is happening!

Yes, I think something went wrong with it lol it isn't supposed to be private. I agree with exciting times!

So, what exactly is a community? I've notice the "photography" tag turns blue, now, when I use it on Steempeak. Are communities the same as tribes? It's really gotten complicated around here!

Nice blue jay photo. Little piggies that they are! At my parents' feeder, they will literally scrape everything they don't want onto the ground ins search of the sunflower seeds. They're certainly pretty, though.

Communities will be similar to tribes, except it is my understanding that they will be on the blockchain, and tribes are on a side chain. Communities will function with Smart Media Tokens and will be located on Steemit.

You will be able to join the communities that are of interest to you and view content that you want to see rather than just seeing everything that just gets blasted at you out of the end of the firehose. I think it is going to be a great change and will be simple and easy to use.

That sounds interesting. I'm hoping there will be a vibrant photography community, but not sure how that will work now that the photography tag is a tribe. Hopefully, it all resolves out nicely!

I'm seeing some photography communities popping up. You will be able to get paid multiple times on the same post.

So I do a post in hive 106-444 ?? Can’t have the ducks not in the community 😉

I think it would work and I would love to see a duck or two show up there! . Make sure the hyphen is in the right place. First tag hive-106444
I can't imagine using that tag causing any problems, but you won't be able to go there to see it yet. For now, just using the #featheredfriends tag would get your post seen by more people, I think.

I will just try I am already writing one, and hopefully others will see it in my timeline and feed

It worked perfectly! ❤️

They are there and I made you the first and only member so far! I am so excited! Thank you for helping me figure out how this all works!

How exciting to have a community! When will it go live? This beautiful Blue Jay is a perfect first post. : )

I haven't heard a date yet. You will want to make one for your bugs and butterflies!

I don't have a big following like you do. I have to listen to the videos to find out more about it. Don't you need a smart phone to do it? I don't have a smart phone.

No smartphone is needed. You will be able to set up a community from within your Steemit wallet. It will cost 3 Steem and is simple to do. And it will be simple for the people entering your contest to join.

Well then, if it is that simple I will do it. Thanks so much Melinda! : )

People will be able to post their entries directly into the community or they will have the option to also share it on to their blog.

Lovely initiate and perfect for many steemians. I hope I get onto this kind of photography soon !! And that bird is very pretty loved the color combination of it !!

Thanks! I think we all are going to enjoy using communities to view content that is interesting to us!

Caught your post after having posted already @melinda010100 will have to remember to try this new community out some time... if I remember!

Gorgeous photo of the Blue Jay very proud is he being your first!


Thanks, Joan! I am still learning and testing the Feathered Friends community, so no rush to post there yet! I think we are all going to like the new Steemit site.

Will have to find out more @melinda010100 learning never stops, making life interesting.

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Bluejays are great and they still around all winter right?

They are here all year round and are one of the bright spots of color in the backyard.

Yes, they do look great against white!

Ugh. White.

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