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RE: Feathered Friends- failed photos

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Hello @melinda010100
I feel you on the blurry bird photos lol
The only thing that out numbers blurry birds is my collection of blurry bee butts <,< ( say that 3 times fast lol)
Question ??...... What kind of camera are you using ??
Oh almost forgot !DERANGED


Happy to have your sympathy! I understand blurry bee butts, too!
I have a Lumix F2-200. I'm not a good photographer, so it is good that the camera does well on auto!

Panasonic puts out some nice rigs.
Speed will be your friend imaging birds. I've been shooting in manual lately and I set my camera up 3200th of a sec shutter speed, f8, ISO @ 800 , raise or lower shutter speed ( 1600th min) to keep exposure @ +1 to +1 1/3 .
High shutter will freeze motion and get rid of camera shake, f8 gives you a nice depth of field and the ISO gives you enough light for high shutter speed.

I just bookmarked your comment and will attempt it! ❤️

I also shoot in burst mode( keeps taking pictures as long as you hold the button down) with AI Servo(not sure what Panasonic call it)continuous focus and evaluative metering.
You can tweek this around a bit but its a good all around starting point.
Also there is a video on this I downloaded from 2016 photography seminar, I'll post a link if I can find it.
It was very helpful to me and was packed with great tips and info.
I'm getting a bunch of new photography toys over the next 5 days and cutting my work hours back to 40 a week so I should be kicking out more posts soon. Well if it quits raining that is lol

I will be looking forward to you having more time to take photos and post more! And I appreciate your helpful tips! ❤️