Come to the Dark Side : Scenes and Artwork from my latest Star Wars Home Movie

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The Movie Poster


Scenes from the New Movie .....








And finally ....

after all that .... here is the Movie.... if you haven’t already seen it.

And May the force be with You.

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Even those who seem to be "devils," derive their existence from the Good, and are naturally good], and desire the Beautiful and Good in desiring existence, life, and consciousness, ... And they are called evil through the deprivation and the loss whereby they have lapsed from their proper virtues. Hence they are evil only insofar as they lack [true] existence; and in desiring evil, they desire non-existence.

... Even so, we say that the air is darkened around us by a deficiency and absence of the light; while yet the light is itself always light and illumines the darkness. Therefore, evil inheres not in the devils or in us, as evil, but only as a deficiency and lack of the perfection of our proper virtues. (2)

Thus evil has no being, nor any inherence in things that have being. Evil is nowhere qua evil; and it arises not through any power but through weakness.(3) ... in a word, evil is weakness, impotence, and deficiency of knowledge... (4)

3675 | Dionysius the Areopagite
Source : (1) The Divine Names, IV.23; Rolt, 1920 ; (2) The Divine Names, IV.24; Rolt, 1920 ; (3) The Divine Names, IV.34; Rolt, 1920 ; (4) The Divine Names, IV.35; Rolt, 1920


that's pretty much awesome ... looks around gods dam' all i have is the mother's hand-crafted teddy bears ...

Ask mother to make a hand crafted yoda.... wait a second .... the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi looked a lot like Teddy bears.... make a Star Wars movie with them bears.... as Ewoks. Improvise improvise improvise... you can do it brother

Just share your good humour .... you remind me of old Ben Kenobi with your wisdom and dry humour.

Look at that you already made 4 pennies commenting in the Star Wars Community.... my 100% upvote.

Thanks for the offer and the praise but between bash , php , javascript, phaser, three.js, server configuration, blender, gimp, lmms and the fact that i am only available 10% of the time in my own head and spend the rest of the time fending off what good intentions did to my life i think i can do without trying to make a dollarcent from 'writing' ... if i could focus a little better i wouldnt be stuck at 70 or 80 lines of code for the game and barely 2 npcs with some real background / character and a bit of design to them.

I'm not much of a writer like that anyway but when i do it seems a waste not to spend the time on the world or lore for the game

but you never know, i'll take it under consideration ... i think i'll spend more time on facebook for exposure than i would here too.

Ofcourse, its always possible that it gets mass adoption and pays the bills, in which case i would defninitely go steemit-first :)

see you around :)

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Impressive! Just the photo's stages I have seen here would tell that the movie would be interesting to watch.
Well done.

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Thank you very much

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