This WordPress Technical SEO Guide Will Help You Optimize Your Site

in SEO3 years ago

If you're a website owner there's a good chance you are using WordPress, a CMS which powers over 40% of the web today. While the basic version is usually touted as good for SEO it has some major drawbacks which can actively hurt how a website ranks in search engines. This newly published guide discusses everything from selecting a webhosting provider to managing your website via Google Search Console.

In the WordPress technical SEO guide you'll learn everything you need to optimize your website's infrastructure and architecture for optimial performance in search engines. It start's off by teaching you how to pick out a great web host for your site without using any of the hype or affiliate junk typically tossed at website owners. That includes a discussion about inodes, concurrent connections, and automatically renewing SSL certificates.

Then you'll learn about plugin bloat and how to manage the number of plugins you have installed. You'll learn why DNS-prefetch and Preconnect tags are important and when to use which one on your website. There's more included too such as why removing tag pages might be important, how to structure your pages, how to optimize the file size of your images, and how to optimize your htaccess file.

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