How You Can Use ChatGPT To Boost Your SEO

in SEOlast year

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a valuable, and at the moment free, tool for anyone to use with millions of possible applications. There are ways it can prove useful in improving your website's SEO including: Finding questions people ask about topics, getting a list of blog ideas, automatically generating markup in JSON-LD, creating a blog post outline, generate digital PR ideas, generating meta description tags, and more.

There are problems with ChatGPT at the moment:

  1. It is unable to access the internet.
  2. The information it has is at least 2 years old.
  3. It doesn't know about local businesses, cultures, or traditions.
  4. It doesn't know about people or subjects not covered in frequently in the mainstream or in historical contexts.
  5. The content it writes is often extremely dry and easy to discover.

Read the full article and get the prompts here: Ways to Use ChatGPT for SEO

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