Google is rolling out a major update that will impact millions of websites

in SEO3 years ago

Announced a few days ago the company calls it the "June 2021 Core Update". This update will likely impact millions of websites increasing or decreasing their rankings and causing millions of dollars to shift. It will take several weeks to fully roll out and Google isn't telling us much else about it, except to prepare for a second Core Update in July.


Yes, this is true, according to SearchEngineLand, the rollout did start to pick up Saturday night (in terms of SEOs chatter, SEOs noticing the core update) through even today but it is still not at the big core update levels I would normally see.

It reminds me of the September 2019 core update that took a few days to noticed after that rollout too was a slow one.

Let's see how far it goes.

Yup, we are starting to see more movement the past few days, but still very low levels.

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