Can Confirm


What? I'm not a MOD Yet? LOL

SO much still to live for and work for... you'll get there!

omg. wow the display is flickering sometimes did u notice.

Watching the reveal of Communities! Think we might have found a bug 😂 46D07E36-0FA0-4118-A396-D0B62E024D49.jpeg

Turn your phone upside down. Fixed.

You're welcome! 😂

I can’t see because of @aggroed’s and @jarvie’s domes in my way.

That's "Knowledge packed domes" to you sucker!

Okay, am i in?

You look great up there to! Thanks so much for all of your hard work! You rock!

You look great up there
To! Thanks so much for all of
Your hard work! You rock!

                 - crystalandbones

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Mods: Give it a Bot Label?

That was was supposed to say, “You look great up there yo! In tying to edit my comment after reading your haiku version, I have discovered the edit feature doesn’t seem to work.

I thought it's only posted in the community... but it's here on your blog.

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It is not in his blog on the beta site, but is there on the production site.

So this is where all the new adventure begins?

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 4 months ago 

Cool! :-)

So exciting! Thank you for all your work on this.

To those confused by this post: @roadscape is on stage at #steemfest4 in Bangkok demonstrating community features, and we’re all really, really excited about it.


he did a thing!!!!


Postception! IMG_20191108_102113.jpg

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Great stuff. I'm watching the video now.

I'm now watching the video. This is really cool.
I'll be glad if you add me to this community and sign me up for the beta testing.

I'm about to test it :D If you disappear from the fabric of time and space.... well, so long and thanks for all the fish!